Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grammie's Farm

How much fun can one little fellow have?

Tons of fun in a day on Grammie's farm!

Fresh apples from the orchard...

Meeting new kitty Leo....

Hiding in a sunflower jungle....

Playing Tyler and the Beanstalk.... 

Come on inside, let's play in the playhouse.... 

Guess who knows how to make the chair rock?

Marching with the turkeys.... 

Where's the egg, Grammie?

Ooooooh, a bucket of water ... we can splash! 

Look, I can blow bubbles.... 

Good morning goaty goats..... 

Hey, wait for me!

Back to the water....
(by the end of it, his clothes were soaked!) 

We enjoyed a few hours of fun around the farm yesterday.
It was great to have this precious time.
How fast Tyler has grow in just a little over a year.
No longer a baby, but a curious, independent little man.

Children grow up so very fast.
The time we have with them, making memories, is so important.
It is my hope that long after I am gone from this world,
memories of Grammie's Farm will live on and on.


  1. Don't worry Grammie...they will!

  2. He is such a precious little boy and I am sure he will have wonderful memories about spending time with you.

  3. Oh, they definitely will! I still cherish memories of all the summers I spent with my grandparents.

    ~ Tracy

  4. Wonderful photos ! I love capturing kids with animals soo cute , he is a sweetheart ! Have a wonderful day !

  5. He will treasure these memories....those are the most adorable pictures! He will treasure those too!
    I am sharing some with my grandson..he got his first eggs from the nest box this weekend and took them home! He loved it!

  6. You have been a very precious presence in his life..He will not forget the amazing start you have given him...

  7. What a beautiful little boy, we should all have this much fun in a day!!

  8. Oh he won't forget. My girls are in there teens and talk ALL the time about our visitis. I also have the garden/sunflower cute is that. He is one sweet little lad thats for sure. You are so lucky!!!
    On a side hubby always jokingly come it is Always Gramma's Barn..what am I chopped

    Judi B.

  9. Best post of the week so far---in fact probably month!! Being a grammie (gigi) is the very best there is!!!!

  10. He's certainly building some lovely childhood memories there at Grandma's farm!

  11. He is a handsome little fellow! That smile in the rocking chair is precious! I also love him marching with the turkeys. Thanks for sharing your day with him with us.

  12. What a handsome young man... He will treasure these memories all of his life..

  13. What a handsome young man... He will treasure these memories all of his life..


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