Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Give-Away....

I am hosting a give-away (tongue in cheek).
The prize:  lots and lots of rain clouds, some thunder, and a large portion of lightening.
Just kidding...
however, I would love to share if you need any of the above!!

With the exception of the beautiful Monday afternoon that I enjoyed with the pups,
we have had rain, rain, rain this week...
two and a half inches yesterday.
Once again, the pond is overflowing its banks,
the front pasture is a swamp,
and the turkeys are sad and soggy.

Luckily for the goats, the sun came out for 10 minutes yesterday afternoon...
just long enough for them to enjoy their dinner,
and to save me from having to provide room service!

Ok, girls, there are enough bowls for everyone,
you don't have to all eat out of the same bowl!

Isn't Spider handsome?

This is the only time I can get close to Stella,
while she is eating.
She is one very wary goat.

And Audrey, "Tawdry Audrey" because she is the only 
colorful one amongst the Nigerians.

These poor critters had just enough time to eat their dinner,
and the rain started again.
We might never dry out at this rate!

Arena construction update....
Day 2: no change.....too soggy!

Rather than feeling blue about the weather,
I've been using this rainy week to do a little Fall decorating.

The dining room table...
pumpkins, leaves and dried peppers in an antique sifter.

My collection of scales each has an arrangement of gourds and sunflowers.

The fireplace....


Oh, how I love changing the decor of the house with each passing season.
I think I like Fall the best!

If this rain keeps up,
I will have much more to show you!


  1. Can I win the give-away? We could really use some rain. Adorable goats, we've just sold our last one.

  2. I think I will pass on this give away. Thanks you very much. Great farm pics and the fire place looks gorgeous.

  3. I wouldn't mind some of the rain... We've had a little rain the other day, but not nearly enough.
    Your fall decorations look so pretty and your home always looks beautiful!

  4. Beautiful decorations ! Wonderful photos of the goats as well. Hope your rain stops soon . We have had lovely sunny cool fall weather here , I love it. Have a wonderful day !

  5. Audrey is gorgeous!

    DO NOT sign me up for the giveaway. It's been so cloudy this month, although today is looking up. Blue skies? ya think?? LOL

  6. May we please have some of your rain? We're behind 23 inches for the year.

    Your decorations are beautiful!!

  7. Well, I think you'll get all your decorating done at this rate..We are promised more of the same for days to come!!!

  8. You can keep your rain... We've had it for days also... Yuck
    I love your photos of your home. Such a lovely home and you display your items so nicely.
    Thanks for sharing them. You brightened up my dreary day...

  9. Oh I would love to win this give away! If only it were that simple to Oklahoma some much needed rain! LOL

    I love your goats and hope to have a place where I can have them in the next year or two!:)

  10. Lovely decorations..I think you like all the!

  11. Most definitely will pass on this give-away!! We have too much rain also-hasn't dried out in a week and looks like more to come! Not as much as you all got when we went thru Penn 2-3 weeks ago-detoured around the countryside! Hope this comment doesn't automatically "enter" me!!!LOL

  12. Wow, with your rain you would think you lived in Oregon! We have had a little this week but it is clearing off and suppose to be sunny through the weekend. I love you Fall decorating, so pretty. Hopefully the rain breaks so you don't have to provide room service, LOL. Enjoy some time in the house - sewing comes to mind!! Hugs, June

  13. We have had so many cloudy rainy days, I can't remember the last time we've seen the sun! LOL!

    Love your fall decorations. Very nice.

  14. Hi Bev!
    Oh goodness...I'll take your give away for sure...please send ASAP! I feel sorry for your critters. We're enjoying beautiful weather here ( no rain though) will be 90 after enjoying cooler weather for the past couple of weeks this temperature will be a nice end to the hot weather. I love fall. Your fall decorations are beautiful but I especially love your fireplace. That's the one thing I miss here on the farm ...the fireplace and mantle. We have a beautiful wood stove mantle to decorate. I'm hoping you get some sunshine soon but then again I'm looking forward to more photo's of your beautiful home! Enjoy your day.
    Maura :)

  15. Everything looks beautiful - you did a fabulous job with the fall decorating.

    As usual, you are an inspiration!


    P.S. Sorry about all the rain and the slow-down on the construction. Let's hope the sun comes out tomorrow.

  16. We can use a lil rain here. Love the fall decorations especially the scales filled with lil pumkins and the lighting. Wishing you so dry fall days ahead. Happy Farming

  17. Love the goat pictures, and your fireplace is beautiful, great decorations! I think I won the giveaway, and the prize has arrived today!

  18. What a fabulous stone Mantle, you built this house, right?
    The gourds and pumpkins are just right.
    We would be happy to take a bit of that rain, I would like to fill the pond before October!

  19. Poor goats~nothing worse than a long wet spell. Hope you get some sunshine. I'd actually be happy to trade for a few days!

  20. I'll take your giveaway! Here in Texas we're in a drought, and my cousins are up in Bastrop restoring power lines while there are still some bad wildfires up there).

    I love love LOVE your log cabin, by the way. A log cabin has always been my mother's dream home. It is absolutely beautiful, and seeing those sweet critters there make it all the more cozy.



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