Friday, September 30, 2011

Chicken Poo and Tyler, Too!

And so the rains continue...
and at the most inconvenient times.
right at feeding time.

Henri can't remember the last time he had dry feathers for an entire day.
And with his wet head-dress, we can finally see that Henri does indeed have eyes!

And Fifi and the gals have taken to hanging out in the barn,
causing all manner of mischief.
I find trash cans toppled over,
and egg cartons scattered about,
not to mention the calling cards they leave behind....
little plops of chicken poo in areas they don't belong.

Rather than walk back to their henhouse in the rain,
where their nice little nesting boxes await,
they have been laying eggs in the feed room,
on top of the horses' hay.

"Did someone say chicken poo?"....
Yes, Sammy seeks out any sort of smelly organic matter for a snack,
and chicken poo fits the bill.

As for construction....
the equipment has not moved yet this week.

The good news is... next week is to be sunny and cool,
so, maybe there will be some activity on the arena.

I left the farm yesterday to visit Tyler and his Mommy in their new apartment.
We played,

and read, 

and went to the park... fun!
Tyler had his first big boy haircut!

Next week he will visit Grammie on the farm...
and we will have lots of great adventures to share with you!

Have a wonderful weekend!
I hear we are finally to see the end of the rain.
So, I might be sending it along to your house!!


  1. Tyler is so handsome. He's a lucky boy to have you for his grandma! I'm so glad you are going to have nice weather today. We will too. No rain here until Monday so I might be able to get some outside work done. If it's not too soggy? Take care.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanx but no thanx to the rain we just finished having tons lol Loved the photo of Henri what a hoot poor thing doesnt look impressed at all lol. Tyler is soo cute. Have a wonderful weekend and hope the sun shines for you.

  3. We're waiting for the rainy season to begin here. Everything is beyond dry. Lazy little Barred Rocks!

  4. I can't think of a better way to spend the day. October is a very wet month for us here in Maine. So...yep here comes your rain. LOL.

  5. We are suppose to get rain tomorrow,,,and not a moment to soon... I am ready to let Mother Nature take over the 'watering detail'... so I can go play in my sewing room,,,,my stack of UFO's is pileing up!
    Ewe! Sammy, back off on the chickie will give ya gas not to mention chickie poop breathe! lol!
    hugz from my side of the mountain.

  6. Henri looks very annoyed..The chaickens seem to be finding new digs!!! Love the wrinkled nose pic of the guy...

  7. I can't blame those chickens for wanting to find a nice place that didn't make them have to go back through the rain.

  8. Such a cute little Tyler! Glad he had fun with Grammie. My hens also like to lay their eggs on top of the horse hay. Have to be very careful when moving the top one down.

  9. Hi Beverly,

    I love your sweet chickens and Henri's hairdo!
    Tyler is a cutie and neat that he had his first big boy haircut.
    We have rain here today but it is good for the garden.

    Enjoy the weekend


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