Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boys Gone Wild!

It's the first day of Autumn!
And with Autumn come "Rut" or mating season for the goats.
It's during this time that the bucks become unbearably stinky.
They spend their days in testosterone induced fits of aggression (towards each other),
snorting and blubbering to impress the ladies.

Here's Smoochie fixated on me!

Lately, Smoochie and Chip have been going at it...

banging their horns against their houses
trying to annoy each other.

This behavior has gotten so intense that Chip broke off his horn...

almost completely!
(Do you think we could Super-glue it back on???)

This is how they spend their days,
when their attention isn't focussed on the girls....


  1. Hilarious! The look on his face in that second video! You get two versions... Pride... followed by "I'll concede that one" Defeat! Ha!

  2. The boys are extremely handsome. Their beards are amazing. Glad I can't smell their 'cologne'. :)

  3. Will Chip's horn grow back? Or is it broke forever? I love your videos. I would never have seen this behavior if you didn't film it for us. What do you think of all this rain we are having in PA?

  4. All I can say is boys will be boys!!!

  5. Well, no one ever said the male of any species was overly intelligent.. LOL

  6. Fantastic video lol I couldnt stop laughing ! I remember all the male animals on our farm this time of year becoming quite as we called it Randy !! They were so funny ! Have a wonderful first day of fall !

  7. I have to keep telling my buck, "I am NOT a doe. I am NOT a doe!"

    How old are your bucks? I love their horns.

  8. What sweet faces they have. Love it!

  9. Sadly, yes, Chip's horn is broken and gone forever! But we love him just the same....the scratch and dent version of his former self!

  10. Those lusty boys! I hope they get some lovin' soon or they might tear down their house.


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