Monday, August 15, 2011

When I start out each morning for AM chores,
I head down the driveway,
open up the Roos and the chicks,

and then continue on down the driveway to the road
and on to the pond.

Once the ducks are fed and I am back on my way to the barn,
I am usually greeted by a certain orange tiger cat,
TomTom, who comes running down the driveway 
just to make sure I know he needs his breakfast.

Yesterday morning he was waiting for us on one of the fence posts around the bee yard.

Don't you love those scary glowing eyes?

"This way," he directs us as he heads to the barn
by way of the fence tops.

on to the ground,

and into the gator.

And off we go for breakfast at the barn!

Back up the driveway,

to the fork in the lane...

which way to go?

Left turn to the barn by way of the orchard,

where apples are hanging in abundance,

and in various states of ripeness. 

These may not be the prettiest apples,
because we don't spray,
but they are tasty and organic!
So, applesauce and apple pies are on the horizon.

Luckily, most of the vegetables will be finished by the time apples
are in season.
I have been canning almost daily...
spaghetti sauce, salsa, fruit, tomatoes,
and making stuffed peppers and such for the freezer.

I thought that this afternoon I would take a break from canning and freezing,
and have a tea party in the fairy garden.
Will you join me?

I will make a tiny pot of tea,
and some finger sandwiches.
And of course we will have delicious tiny cakes
and sweets as well.

Meet me at the garden gate at three.
Take the old key hanging at the gate,
turn around counter-clockwise twice,
close your eyes and pull your right ear thrice,
repeat the words ....
"tiny tea for tiny me",
then come and have a seat on this bench.

Make sure you take your shoes off,
before beginning this spell....
as it doesn't work on shoes,
and you may end up three inches tall in sneakers as big as a boat!

Thanks for stopping by...
and I hope to see you at three!

Here are Tom and Chuck....

Poor Chuck is having a little tail trouble right now.
It seems that he has molted most of his tail feathers right off!
So sad.
Now if only they would molt off that green paint on their chest feathers!


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your morning rounds. I love being outdoors in the early morning. So fresh and new and full of so much hope and potential. You have a beautiful homestead.

  2. Don't worry, Chuck. That's only a temporary look. hee hee.

    Love your signage, I'd be so confused without it. LOL

  3. Say "Tiny tea for tiny me" and listen for the laugh resounding thru the're too funny..It's great that you put those signs up to show TomTom the way home....

  4. That is just too sweet! My friend, Lori, used your fairy garden idea for her grandkids!

    Love the orchard and such apples. I can almost smell the pie!

  5. Wonderful post , reminded me of when I was on our farm as a kid when we started our mornings! Our cat Harley and dog Miggy know the sound of the clock chimming 5 pm and bug for their dinner after it goes off lol ! Love your animal bums header lol ! Have a wonderful day !

  6. Tom Tom certainly looks like expert help! I am so jealous of your garden and apples. It's been horrible here, and I haven't canned a single thing and hardly frozen any as well. I don't have any apples on my tree this year either. Guess I could easily join you for tea in the fairy garden since I'm not too busy canning.


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