Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome TJ and MoJo!

This past weekend two new friends moved to the farm...

Meet MoJo...

And TJ....

Becky adopted these seven year old German Shepherd brothers 
through a rescue group.
Their previous owner had gone to prison, leaving these two gentle brothers
at home alone.

The persons in charge of caring for them had not done so with any 
regularity, and the brothers were found nearly starved.

They were eventually fostered by the same wonderful person who had fostered our Oakley.
And through her found their way to Dr. Becky and the farm.
Thanks to Becky, the brothers can stay together forever!

They have transitioned well with Becky's girls, Rosie (golden retreiver)
and Indy (Aussie Shepherd).

Sam and Oakley have been visiting with the new boys...
it will take a little time for all of the "masculinity" issues to be worked out,
but so far, so good.

While we were having a puppy play date,
Sid was watching over the fence....

I am so very happy for both Becky and the dogs.
They are gentle souls who will be a great addition to her family.
Don't you just love a good happy ending?


  1. Love the newcomers. They look gorgeous and healthy. I hope everything works out for them and they continue to get along well with the others. I love lucky dog stories.

  2. You guys always amaze me with your kind hearts. How sweet for the two to be able to stay together and enjoy a wonderful life on the farm.

  3. I DO love a happy ending. Always room for one more, eh?

    They look content there together... so nice they did not have to be split up. :-))

  4. They are beautiful Shepherds ! I am happy for them that they have found a forever home with a wonderful mum ! Great post and photos !

  5. Whew !!! I thought for a moment that they were yours and that you had finally lost it!! I'm happy for Becky..and them...they'll be great company...

  6. Love happy endings...these boys will finally have the best of everything! Couldn't have found a better place for them...two wonderful worlds (homes), right next to each other.

  7. I'm in love!

  8. What a truly kind a special person Dr.Becky must be. I think you are both so very lucky to have each other.

  9. Mojo and TJ are very lucky to have been found by Dr Becky. What a wonderful place to live! They really are beautiful dogs and I'm sure once the 'pecking order' is established there will be peace in the valley once again. I hope your day is a good one.
    Maura :)

  10. Becky will love her new guys. German Shepherds are such wonderful animals. We had one, Dusty, and lost him at age seven to bone cancer. Sweet story and a wonderful endings for the brothers.


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