Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There was quite a stir in the barnyard yesterday.

Rod was all a flutter.

You see, he's had his hands full lately,
(I know, chickens don't really have hands, do they?)
with Number 6's daily visits to the henhouse.

When the two boys' paths cross,
Rod flaps his wings...

and sets to running Number 6 back down through the orchard
to join the rest of the Roos.

This happens several times daily,
and then all returns to calm.

Yesterday, however, another one of the Roos made his way to the barnyard.
Let's call him Number 5.

Numbers 1 thru 4 continue to spend their days around the farmhouse,
seemingly oblivious to the fact that two of their compadres are missing.

Well, back to Number 5....
upon arrival at the barnyard, Number 6 puffed up his neck feathers and
ran at Number 5.

Number 5  fought back....
after all, his honor was at stake....
and there were ladies watching...
French ladies!

The two went at it for about 5 minutes until a stalemate was called.
These two seemingly worked out their differences and went back to 
wooing the ladies.

 Rod, however was on high alert the rest of the day

and patrolled the barnyard with determination.

How can a guy relax when two interlopers insist on
fraternizing with his gals!

Luckily, Guido and the boys were hanging out with the turkeys,
or things could have really gotten ugly!

And if that didn't make you smile,
perhaps this will...

Have a great day!!


  1. The roosters are so handsome and smiling face at the bottom is just so sweet!!

  2. Never a dull moment at the farm, is there? I'm glad Rod got it all under control. :-)

  3. Wow, what drama! Keeps you entertained, doesn't it?

  4. Love your photos and the way you write about the animals , reminds me of when I was on the farm and my mum and I would make comedy skits out of all the goings on with the anaimals ! Great post ! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Aw, that little goat is so cute! at the moment, we only have rooster chicks. Our big rooster, Dark Angel, disappeared a week or so ago. So right now, no rooster fights!


  6. Really cute post! Always something going on at the MissBehaven Acres!

  7. Rod as in Stewart? Love his look... I wonder how much hair product he uses each morning to achieve the perfect do?

  8. Girl I love your blog. Yes It always brings a smile and sometimes much needed comic relief to my day. I have hens,no roos as I live in town.

  9. Another cute animail tale..Love the last picture..and yes,it made me smile as do most of your posts...Thanks

  10. A Roo's work is never done! Loved the story and the last picture put a HUGE smile on my face! Adorable!

  11. Rod has quite the 'do. Was he named after Rod Stewart? Kind of reminds me of him.

  12. Love the smile. Yes, it made my day.

  13. Of course I'm smiling! The chicken drama cracks me up, and I always smile at goats.


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