Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guineas and Pinnies

Things have been quiet around the barnyard this past week.
Besides receiving the gift of a few days of rain,
the chickens have been behaving themselves.

Ole Roy took a bit of time and considered Guido and his pals' offer to 
snuff out Number 6.

But since Number 6 has shown no interest in invading Ole Roy's territory,
there seems to be no need for these drastic measures.

Number 6 continues to make his daily visits to the barn henhouse and seems
content with the 36 hens that inhabit that area.
Satisfied with the "pickings"around the barn, he has felt no need to travel 
up the the upper henhouses where Ole Roy reigns.

"It's scandalous, though," Bobby tells Sam...
"Number 6 runs around with a different hen every day!  He's quite the lady's man!" he says.

Red and Ollie are quite happy that things are peaceful...
they detest violence of any sort!

Meanwhile, Guido, Gus, and Guiseppe are back to business as usual,
cleaning up the grounds, keeping the tick population at bay,
and overseeing all farm activity...

sounding the alarms when anything seems unusual.

We have had several days of rain
which gave me the opportunity to get some sewing done.
I have been working on recreating the pinny that I wore in this picture...

It was a gift from a friend and all of my research leads me to believe
it is a 1940's apron.
I recreated several and posted them HERE...for those of you who love aprons.

I am so excited!!
I was inspecting our grape vines the last night and happily found a few clusters of ripe grapes.

I can't wait until there are enough ripe to make juice.
They are not a wine varietal, so there will be no winemaking with these grapes.
Pennsylvania just can't compete with California for winemaking!


  1. Fantastic photos and post ! Have a great day !

  2. Glad everything is peaceful right now. Those chickens crack me up. The grapes look great. I keep trying to get grapes started for making wine, but my goats continue to vex me on that venture.

  3. I haven't checked my grapes in awhile, must do that today! Your guineas look so funny, if you don't mind me saying so! I guess I had never really seen any. Do they lay eggs, or are they good to eat? (Please excuse my ignorance)

  4. Do you need more guineas? They keep hatching here. Oh no! The incubator said we could expect maybe a 50% hatch. LIARS!
    The apron is beautiful, you did a great job there.
    Glad everything is peaceful. We are peaceful right now. Well, untill I have to put all those guineas into the hen house.

  5. That Guido has a face only a mother could love!!! No wonder the are the security that phrase? lol

  6. Grapes look beautiful..Time to make some wine.....Guido is a character..
    Glad you've gotten back in to your aprons...


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