Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys!

Each and every time I go out to the barn to do chores,
there is always something happening...
something that makes me laugh or smile.
Yesterday morning it was this....

This is Sam and Ollie's favorite game.
And although Sam is always the instigator,
Ollie is always happy to play along.
Sam nibbles on Ollie until he chases him...
that is what Sam wanted all along...
to be chased!
Boys will be boys.

And then later in the afternoon when I fed the goats,

I was met with this scene....

This one doesn't make me laugh,
but I am used to this behavior.

It is soon mating season, and so the bucks are gearing up
with shows of their manly prowess.
Eventually they work it out, and peace is once again restored.
But usually not until someone has a bloody head.
This time it is Chip.
Both of the other two are his sons.
 Yes, boys will be boys!


  1. Nature and survival of the fittest at play here. They just do what they know how to do, don't they? Thanks for sharing today...
    Loved seeing Sam and Ollie playing.


  2. WOW - those boys sure do play rough. Sam looks so cute - so glad Ollie puts up with his antics.


  3. I don't have goats, but I'm wondering if you can trim their horns so they don't do as much damage?

  4. Boys will be boys for sure..I agree...Sam and Ollie were playing unlike Chip and the guys...I wouldn't enjoy watching that either..Those horns are lethal...

  5. Nope, trimming horns is not an option. Don't worry these are only minor flesh wounds, and when the skirmish is over, they are back to being best friends. This does not happen on a regular basis....just when hormones are running high!

  6. Never a dull moment on a farm is there Bev. I love watching Sam and Ollie play and it's good exercise for them too. The boys are sure going at it aren't they...ouch that last bump sounded like it hurt. LOVE your apron by the way...very cute! I hope your day is a good one.
    Maura :)

  7. Fun watching the pooch play with the white mini -- chasing each other!! It's too bad that you can't trim off the points to those antlers, round them off so that boys can be boys without the blood. Someone is going to loose an eye!

  8. Actually, the damage is done with the area of horn that is closest to the head. That is where they hit each other. We never have any problems with the pointy ends of their horns. They seem to know where they are at any given time.


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