Thursday, July 14, 2011

Please Send Rain!

It's one of our most precious resources.
And one that we have received so little of lately.
We have been without significant rainfall for weeks, now.

The pond is suffering.
It is down about 2 feet from its highest point.

The ducks are unaffected, and merrily splash in whatever water they have.
The ducklings have grown to the point 
of being almost indistinguishable from the other mature ducks. 

The only way you know for sure it is them,
is by the fact that all 16 are always together!

(Did I mention that 32 ducks can eat one out of house and home?)

Oh, and by the way, look what was hanging around inside the duck hut.
A pair of these creatures....

It looks almost prehistoric, doesn't it?
Isn't it amazing how nature can camouflage itself so well?
This guy would blend into a tree trunk perfectly!

Because of the lack of rainfall, I have had to water my garden daily.
And everything is growing like crazy.

Some of the herbs are taller than me...

The tomatillo is loaded with fruit.
Mmmmmm.....salsa verde in our future!

My 6 tiny zinnia plants are huge and offering daily bouquets
which make the house so cheery.
Oh, if only I could grow zinnias all year long.
How could you ever feel blue with fresh zinnias
spreading cheer?

The Great Pumpkin has visited my squash patch and left behind
several pumpkin babies.
I will tenderly care for these pumpkin babies,
so that we can enjoy fresh pumpkin pies this fall.

Apparently, Bobby likes the garden playhouse, also!
Anytime I am in the garden, there is always at least one barn kitty there to keep me company....
often times having found a shady spot for napping....
like the front porch of the playhouse. is good!

One hundred blueberry bushes are in need of a drink.
So, Hubbs and I fill the gator with watering cans
and water them, as well as the orchard trees and the grape vines.

A little rain would be nice....
so, if any of you are in a wet spot....
please send it right along to Pennsylvania.

Oh, and by the way....
the chicks (26) that arrived on Monday
have all survived and are doing quite well.

And yes, I might have smooched one or two of them.
So, if I fail to post a blog in the next week,
it may be because I have succumbed to salmonella!
( Piffle!)


  1. So funny! I just posted about hugging my girls too. It sure is hard not to. They are getting to that tough age...teenagers!

    You can have all the rain from here you want, even though it was a welcome change. We never get any in the summer, so I guess we got yours.
    Gardens look lovely...what a harvest you will have!!

  2. I'm here to say that you can kiss chickens alot and never get sick - well, I got ringworm last year, but I refuse to say it was from kissing chickens. Your place just seems like such a HAVEN to me! :-) Love stopping by and seeing the shenanigans you are up to. I haven't had to water my garden once yet this year - we've had SO much rain. Today is the first day I'll set the sprinkler to run.

  3. We are needing rain here in Indiana too, but we are not desperate as you must be. Our gardens are easily reached by the hoses. Though that is not my favorite thing to do!

    Your garden is looking good. I love the pic of your kitty. He's very cute.

  4. We have been very fortunate with rain this summer. We have waited for breaks so we can hay. Love the ducks and chicks. Smart Kitty! Wishing rain your way.

  5. And..there's no rain in our future but another heat wave next week...
    I want winter back...

  6. I can't even send you rain from Oregon. We've been fairly dry since the down pour spring. I'm in love with Bobby, such a sweet picture on the chair. My garden was looking great until the girls broke in. I'm hoping it is not too late to plant another row of peas. I'll have to have a stern talk with those chickens!


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