Friday, July 22, 2011

On The Subject of Luck

Last evening I made the 45 minute, twice monthly trip into the city
to teach a class.
I was amazed at how many tractor trailers filled with chickens (live)
I passed as I made my way to town.

I felt so very sorry for those chickens, being hauled on a hot highway
in 100 degree weather.
Peering into each truck I saw very sad looking chickens, panting,
half of their feathers missing....obviously stressed!

It made me think how much of life depends upon luck.
I thought of my own little chicks at home...

who live a comfortable life with room to roam,
clean abundant water and plenty of feed.

How lucky my little chicks are to have ended up here on the farm,
and not in some industrial chicken factory.


Like my chicks, I had the good fortune to be born into a wonderful loving family.
I have the blessings of health, family love, dear friends, 
and this beautiful farm to call my home.

Each morning I am thankful for the opportunity to see another day,
to work hard,
to touch the earth,
to care for our critters,
to love deeply,
to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor,
and to fall into bed exhausted at the end of it all.

I am truly a lucky woman.

I am also hot.
(Not that kind of "hot")
No, I am truly roasted and toasted by this extreme heat wave we are having.
My birds spend the day seeking shade...

wherever they can find it!

I tried hooking misters up to the hose,
but the gals weren't interested in a shower.
They prefer hanging out under the trees

playing cards and gossiping.

And by the way, I fear Henri (etta) might be farsighted.
She(he) seems to have a tough time seeing the ground in front of her...
or has she just fallen asleep standing up?

I hope wherever you are it is not too stifling hot!
Have a great weekend.
We'll be hanging out here at the farm
trying to keep cool.


  1. love the chick pics - glad they are staying cool!

    btw, i don't think you're lucky, but blessed

  2. I just gave all the horses a bath... I have never seen so many flies either!!.. and we are diligent about poop pick=up. This heat is something else entirely.

  3. I hope everyone is staying safe in the heat. This really is a great reminder to be grateful for the wonderful things, people and events in our lives.

  4. You have such a variety of interesting chickens. I feel that your chickens are blessed rather lucky!

  5. You have such a variety of interesting chickens. I feel that your chickens are blessed rather lucky!

  6. Your animals are very blessed to live on your farm. Our outside temperature is reading 102.6 degrees as I type this comment. We are staying inside today but later I have to go out and water my flowers and my neighbor's (they are on vacation).

  7. i agree, I feel so lucky too. I don't like to say blessed, because that would mean others who are not so fortunate are "not blessed" and that's just not right.

    PS - Your animals are lucky to have you!

  8. Your chickens are truely lucky are hot!!!

  9. You do have blessed chickens. And such pretty ones too :)
    My girls enjoy a puddle of trickling water to stand in. They like me to put a bit of water in their dust bath holes. When the water soaks in they dig in the cooler dirt and stretch out. They don't like the mister so mch either.

  10. I hope it cools down soon for you and warms up soon for us. It's it funny how different our weather can be. You are one lucky hot chick, oh I mean they are! Try to stay cool!

  11. hey Bev,
    well, we have had just the opposite as far as weather goes... cold & windy... I think it's summer but judging from our weather it could be!
    hang in there,,,,soon you will be enjoying those beautiful Penn State Autums.
    Tell those gossipie "chicks" that they will get a respit from the heat soon.
    Miss ya my friend.....hope all is well down on the farm.


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