Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kissing Chickens

Before I get started with today's "tail", I just have to say...

You probably guessed what yesterday's special delivery was.

I am the crazy chicken lady.
I ordered a second batch of chicks... and they arrived yesterday.
(just trying to keep up with the demand for great farm eggs...humanely raised.)

These sweet fuzzy gals are a brown egg layer mix.
Along with the chicks came a warning to wash hands after handling
and to not get them close to your face.

Now, I ask you....
how am I supposed to resist smooching these adorable creatures???

(The CDC mandates that this warning be given out with all
batches of chicks.)

So, two of the chicks will definitely bear the names "Sam" and "Ella"!

It is so much fun to see what each grows up to look like.

Of course with each batch of chicks comes a "surprise" (very often a rooster).
It looks as though this time I received another Polish Crested chick as my surprise.
(The tiny puff ball on the top of it's head is a dead give away.)
You might remember that Henri was the surprise in my batch of Cuckoo Marans.

Well, I am starting to believe that Henri might be a "she".
(S)He has no spurs on his legs like the other Roos do,
and has not uttered a single crow....
in fact, he has uttered no sounds at all.

Time will tell, but I am betting that Henri might be Henriette!

A week before we left for vacation we moved Fifi, Henri, 
and the rest of  the Cuckoo Marans to the chicken yard with Rod and the Polish Crested gals.

After two weeks of being confined to the yard and coop,
they are all free ranging now around the barn....
and loving it!

By the end of September (right before the Marans begin laying),
I will confine them once again to their yard.
Not for long, though...
just until the Marans get the hang of laying their eggs in the nesting boxes in the coop.

Now, about Fifi....
I am thinking that Fifi just might be a banty.  
She was always quite a bit smaller than the rest of the gals.
And now she still remains half their size.

Mon Petite Poule!

Coming tomorrow: "Never Blue In Blueberry Season"...
recipes included.


  1. That's alot of chickens! I am content with just seven. They poop enough to keep me busy cleaning it up.

    Henri-etta? is so cute. Now he/she will have a buddy!

  2. We can't have chickens in our neighborhood but I so enjoy seeing and hearing about yours. Awesome looking girls!


  3. I just love all your chickens! You should make chicken cards or chicken calenders with all your lovely chicken photos. :-)

  4. Good Morning Bev!
    Congratulations on another batch of chicks...I love that it's a mixed batch so you don't really know what you're getting until they get older. our 'surprise' was a silver leghorn rooster who turned out to be a real beauty but unfortunately he met his demise when we were up in British Columbia last year. Love your Henri/Henrietta. Looking forward to your blueberry post.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Maura :)

  5. Love baby chicks! I had to resist this year because living in a city block doesn't allow for more. That's funny about Henri, for I'm thinking Beverly might be a rooster. She is starting to crow now that S(He) is two years old. I sure wish I knew a full proof test. Go ahead an give those chicks a little hug and kiss!

  6. I so enjoyed this chicken post...yes, I am a chicken mama now. I see the little puff ball on the light colored one in the first page...how cute!

    You are a crazy chicken lady! But I totally understand!

  7. I am loving Summer too..love the chicks also, wish we had more! ;D

  8. I love getting that new batch of chicks. They are so darn cute. I have never worried about salmonella either. One woman I know who does a lot of baking said we needed to have our chickens inspected before she would buy any eggs. Piffle, is right! Our chickens and eggs are healthier than anything she has ever bought in a store!

  9. I love chicks too and yes I kiss mine too. Oh, turkeys are best. We have Bourbon Reds and they are so sweet. Our hens are getting old and dying off little by little. The new chicks (Buffs) are getting bigger. We can't wait to get eggs from them.

  10. Fifi and Henri are just trying to keep things interesting by keeping you guessing...Such fun
    P.S. I hate summer..I feel so much better when it's cool...I guess there's a season for all of us...

  11. I'm curious - do you ever have trouble with your dogs and chickens & ducks? My parents have a handful of chickens that free-range in a large confined area and 4 ducks that free range over their whole property. They want to get some puppies but are afraid of the dogs killing the birds or running them ragged. Are there any useful tips on training dogs to not attack chickens & ducks that you know of?

  12. Mallory, there is a very important command to teach your dog...."leave it". All of our dogs know that when we say "leave it"....that particular object is off limits. They are all very good about ignoring the birds, so we have had no issues.


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