Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Twins

O'Malley's twins are the last two remaining goat babies for this spring.
Everyone else has moved on to their new homes.

This week we are weaning the twins.

O'Malley has been moved to another pen....right next door.

As it turns out, her little buckling is poled (without horns)
and as of now, not sold.

Her little doeling looks more like a fawn than a goat we think.
Such a cutie!

She has been sold and will be moving to her new home in the next week or two.

Look what I found growing in the raspberry patch...


Gooseberries are the unripened form of the currant.
These are American gooseberries and are very tart.
I am planning to turn these into a gooseberry pie this morning.

And lastly I had to show you our little Kewpie doll...
Remember the Kewpie dolls?
Doesn't he look just like one?
Look closely and you will see a pair of very impish eyes...
and eyes don't lie! 

Ok, off to bake a pie!
Have a great day, ok?


  1. Good morning Bev!
    Love your little Kewpie Doll...how sweet is that. I see that twinkle LOL! Aww your other little babies will be leaving soon....wish we were the ones getting a couple of goat babies here on the farm. Not until we fix fences though and for now there's too many other projects on the go. I bet your house smells wonderful with that pie in the oven...looking forward to photo's :) Have a great day too.
    Maura :)

  2. Tyler the Kewpie Doll, love it!!

  3. Cute goats, adorable child, sweet pie. What a wonderful day you are having!


  4. Only one "kid" left ?? Four legged that is..That little imp ,Tyler, has mischief in his eyes...

  5. A perfect little Kewpie doll! So very cute.

  6. OMGosh, Tyler is so cute...he does indeed look like a Kewpie doll!

  7. cute, cute, Tyler. Have fun baking, but you probably have your pies already baked by the time I write this.

  8. OMG! yes, Tyler looks like a cutie Kewpie! As for your Gooseberrys,,, mine are barely the size of a BB...uuggh! will summer weather ever get here? Only a few blueberries...but I do have a lot of strawberries, just need some hotdays to get them to ripen.
    We are averaging in the 60degrees... we still have not even had a 80degree day yet. Can ya spare some of your fantastic weather?
    hugz & miss ya.


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