Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Best News!

Extra!  Extra!   Read all about it......

Edith has been found.
No fox hunting sadness here!!
Edith was dutifully sitting on a nest of eggs at the edge of the woods.
And I am doing the happy turkey dance!

Let me tell you, I couldn't be more happy or more relieved.
I had such a heavy heart when I thought she was gone for good.

Now, the quandary is this....
if I let her keep sitting here on this nest, she is at risk of getting eaten
by a predator.
At the same time, I hate to rob her of the chance to be a Mama.
What to do?????????
I will let you know what we decide to do.

It has been beastly hot around the farm this week.
The animals have a hard time coping with this heat.
It seems like "too hot too early" in the summer.

Trips to the pond help cool down the dogs.

Especially our Olympic swimmer, Maddie.

Sam is not much of a swimmer, and prefers to wade in the shallow end.

Oakley has finally decided that he likes water,
but prefers a shallow, narrow pool.  He submerges in the stream that feeds the pond...

emerging with algae and grass on his nose.

Luckily, there are plenty of trees for shade in our pasture,
and fans at the barn so the horses can get relief.

Lastly, I wanted to share a couple of pictures that I took while out
doing chores.


can you guess who?

It seems to be turtle season for some reason.
Slow moving box turtles make great photo subjects.

As for the guy below....he was fast and hard to catch.
This was as close as I got.
No hiding in his shell for him!

And off he goes...running!
(Fast enough to keep up with a hare, I believe!)

Addendum (written several hours later)...

Edith is back hanging out with her pals, Tom and Chuck once again.

While she was off the nest, I made the decision to rob the eggs.
I would rather have Edith safe than take a chance
on her sitting in the woods on a nest of eggs.
(Besides, 3 turkeys is enough for now.)

PS....A very happy June 1st to you!!


  1. Beverly,
    So glad you found Edith. We had turkeys once. The hen would lay her eggs in the barn on some rocks.
    Tom would come by for his visit and sit on her and break the eggs.
    She finally gave up and started roosting in the rafters. She tried to run away from him one day to the neighbors down the lane and he went after her. Poor thing, he just wouldn't leave her alone. He was so contrary he wouldn't let anyone out of the car. He hated anything with tires on it. We finally sent him and her to another farm. I couldn't even carry groceries in because he would attack me.
    No more turkeys for us. My husband's friend gave them to us when they moved to town. I don't know why he was so mean. He would even fight my doberman dog.
    My husband thought his antics were funny. Not so funny when you are being attacked. You are right about them remembering things that people have done to them.
    Hope everything works out for you.
    Country at heart

  2. I'm so happy Edith is safe... Have a blessed day.

  3. So glad you found Edith! Those dogs do look like they are having a good time in the water!

  4. I'm so glad you found Edith!! Now the boys can put on a show for her again. ;-)

  5. Hooray! I know that you are delighted that Edith is safe, and I'm delighted, too! I would have brought that girl home, as well. Isn't it funny how all of our critters, no matter how many there are, are precious to us?

  6. I am so happy you found Edith. I hate to hear about animals being killed by preditors. I wish I could have those eggs. Our Bourbon Reds are still little. I just found out yesterday that my mom had bought an incubator for me. It is on it's way here. I am so excited. Those eggs would look great in there. I have so much to learn. I want to know when an incubator as a gift makes me happier than going shopping for clothes? LOL Our dogs love to visit the brook. In the south it is a creek but up here I have been corrected. It is a brook. Happy June 1st to you and yours.

  7. We had our boxer at the neighbor's by their pool and he had no clue how to react to it. Needless to say, he did not step down into the water. I did though!


  8. So glad your story has a happy ending! Love the turtle pics too. And those dogs...grass on his funny. There is never a dull moment around there?

  9. Yeah, Edith is back. I believe you made the best move for her sake and your sanity!! LOL

  10. I'd go get her. She can always be a Mom later.

  11. Good for Edith....In ducks, (I called "ducks unlimited" several years ago when my duck eggs kept being stolen),..They just have clutches sooner or closer together and they can get sick and weak if they're not allowed to go through the normal process..Don't know about turkeys...I actually was thinking about Edith yesterday and wondered to myself if she might have a nest somewhere....

  12. What great news! I'm so happy you found Edith!

    The picture of Oakley with the algae and grass on his nose is hilarious! I love it!

  13. We have a couple of chickens that do that too..they disappear for several days then reappear..and I worry about them. Love all your pics and animals..good to see the Newfie shaved. Come say hi :D

  14. Oh, I'm so happy you found Edith. That good little gal, sitting with her eggs. I'm glad she came back to be with Tom and Chuck and that you brought the eggs back so she will be safe and sound.

    I hope ya all hang in there through the heat wave. We had one here but it seems to have passed a bit now... down in the 70's again.

    Happy Wednesday to you,


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