Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back Up Plan

Yesterday was day one without water at the barn.
Getting water out to the animals was a matter of filling up 9 
three gallon watering cans at the house to haul around to birds and goats.
Luckily I had just filled the horses' troughs before the pump went out.

As for watering the garden....
(there is always a back up plan!)

Hubbs hauled this big water tank/wagon to the highest point of the garden
so that watering the garden boxes
could be accomplished by gravity flow.

The garden is really doing great...

green tomatoes are growing...

as are cucumbers.

(Remember last summer?  We had more cukes than we ever could have imagined.
This year I planted a few less plants
(but still plenty!)

In a few short weeks we should be up to our ears in fresh produce.

I thought you might enjoy a peaceful visit to the pond with me.
By the way, 16 of our 18 ducklings remain.

We lost two over the weekend...sad, but this is life at the edge of the wood.

Here, I saved you a seat....
(turn up your volume for sounds of the farm)
Thanks for the visit...
now I really must get back to work!
I hope your day is splendid...
I am sure mine will be.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this very serene pond and the ducks with us. I love reading your blog aabout the wonder that is country life.

  2. Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it. A great way to start my day! What type of ducks are the black ones?
    Have a lovely day... Blessings to you.

  3. If only every day of the summer could be as nice as we are having this week... just cool, with blue skies just like you are having.


  4. The black ducks are Cayugas. The black ducks with white breasts are Swedish. The ducklings are a combination.

  5. Your garden looks great Bev! I hope you get the pump fixed soon.

  6. Beverly,
    I hope you get all the little woes taken care of. I wrote you a few months back about how homesick for the farm in Tn I was. Well we have been blessed here in Florida to find a new farm. We went last Saturday to look at the property. It is wonderful. 20 acres surrounded by 6000 acres of woods. You spoke of chiggers, I did not think we would be walking the property so I wore shorts, mistake, still today I am scratching. Thanks for sharing your farm life.
    Pam TNwoman

  7. The ducks are so cute! Sorry about your pump. We have had ours struck by lightening before, and we actually had to replace ours about 3 months ago since it gave out. Hope yours will be up and running soon.

  8. Hope you aren't too long without a well. That always makes things more difficult. The worst to water by hauling are the cows. They drink ten or fifteen gallons at a time! The garden looks great!

  9. Good Morning Duckies! What a beautiful, peaceful morning you have. I've so enjoyed it with my cup of coffee. It has given me a great start to my day.

  10. Lovely. Sitting and enjoying my animals (or someone else's, for that matter) is my kind of church.

  11. What a peaceful post ending....Do you have any nests outside of the duck hut??

  12. What a wonderful day....thanks for the sweet video.

  13. I sincerely hope that one day, that will be my life. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Best wishes for a quick turn around on your well drilling. You never know how much you depend on water until you can't have it.

    MIssing duckling question? Could you have a snapping turtle in your pond? I hope not!
    Thanks for sharing their sweetness in your video.

  15. Good to see the garden growing like that...and you have a lot of ducks, love the babies! Come say hi :D

  16. Bev that was absolutely wonderful! The ducklings are so cute but I had to haul hubby in here to see your pond as we're hoping to dig one ...eventually. Rome wasn't built in a day as they say so I guess I have to be patient and wait until all our other projects are done first. Until then I'll come over and visit your pond and enjoy your ducks. Have a great weekend!
    Maura :)

  17. Have you found a recipe for refrigerator pickles that you like and would recommend? I canned some last year but didn't like the taste.

    I've run across a couple different fridge pickle recipes but now that I'm ready to make them, I can't find anything that looks good!


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