Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterday was a gift.
After so many rainy days,
we had blue skies, light breezes and plenty of sunshine.
The pastures radiated green energy.

It was the perfect afternoon for grazing.
And so the horses spent some time consuming that green energy.
They also had their daily exercise session...
compliments of Sam.

It might seem like Sam is tormenting the horses,
but it is all in good fun.
He chases them,
they run like the wind,
then he passes them 
and they chase him for a while.

Glorious, high spirited, running...
with wild abandon
and unbridled enthusiasm.

After a few laps, I call Sam back to me
and he returns with tongue hanging low....



If it weren't for these playful sessions,
I fear my horses would just eat and eat,
forgoing any type of physical exertion...
except for chewing.

I hope your weekend is extra special...
and that there is blue sky over your heads,
and green grass beneath your feet.
I hope you are surrounded by gentle warm breezes
and the scent of spring blossoms.

See you next week with more
Tails From the Farm!


  1. So glad you had that great spring day. It seems they are few and far between this year. But with all the rain, everything is very green and pretty. Great pics of your horses and dog.

  2. I wish you the same...that's great exercise for everyone and fun as well..Nice post Bev..Happy Mothers Day

  3. It's always nice to see two species of animals interact in a positive way. Love Sam! What a cutie pie. Enjoy your Mother's Day week-end.


  4. Looks like all were enjoying the sunshine! Hope you are having a good week!

  5. Enjoy your weekend. Our day yesterday was so windy, but today beautiful, alot like your yesterday, we intend to get and enjoy this gift.

  6. Wonderful! Enjoy the wonderful weather and have a wonderful 'family' weekend!

  7. Bev, I have a question for you.. we've decided to build a barn at This Old house and bring my horses back home - we are down to one quarter horse and two minis now-a-days - which have been boarded separately since our move. Do you think minis and a QH can live together in one pasture? I've never put mine -together-.

  8. Now that looks like fun! I wish we had your green pastures Bev...we're still in a drought here in our part of Kansas and I can't even remember the last time we had any measurable rain. The lawns..which weren't in good shape to begin with are looking like the start of a desert and today is to be 98 and windy! For now I'll just have to get my 'green fix' by looking at your blog. Have a wonderful day.
    Maura :)


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