Monday, May 16, 2011

I have been missing.
Blogger prevented me from visiting with you this past Friday.
I am sorry about that.

But, I put my time to good use.
I have worked and worked.

I have been spending my hours in the midst of magic....
making a magical world within the walls of the garden fence.

The strawberry patch is finished...and flourishing.
I  can almost see the plants growing day by day...
filling in the spaces between the rows of mulch.

Above the strawberry garden,
the vegetable boxes stand weeded and planted...
soaking up rain and sun as they grow and develop into strong
bearers of nutritious goodness.

Looking row by row...
I have planted brussels sprouts, red cabbage,
cucumbers, red and purple carrots, pasnips, and onions.

The  middle rows contain peppers, tomatoes,
sugar peas, tomatillo, okra
radishes, broccoli, and herbs.

The final row of boxes contain cantaloupe, honeydew, water melons,
sweet potatoes,

and red potatoes.

And at the top of the garden, in the most magical spot of all is this....

a tiny playhouse for a tiny person.

painted cheerful hues of earth and sky...
colors named "Organic Garden",  "Leaf Bud", and
"Superior Blue".
Perfect names, I think.

A whimsical snail sits guard on the front railing.

Pots of petunias and solar lights out front,
and a lilliputian rocking chair to while away the 
hot afternoon hours...under the shade of the porch...
a perfect place to watch the hummingbirds who visit the garden feeder.

This is just a step in the process of turning my garden into
a magical hideaway.

Next project will be to plant vining shrubs such as
trumpet flowers and flowering vines like morning glories
to climb the 8 foot fence around the perimeter....
making the garden a hidden and magical place!

Also.... on the "to do" list....
paint the garden shed to match the playhouse
and hang baskets of cascading flowers on the support poles of the fence.

Maybe you'd like to visit
and have fresh strawberry scones and mint tea in the garden with me!!

Make sure you revisit this space with me through the summer as it evolves.

Thanks so much for your visits and your sweet comments!
It's so nice we've become friends!


  1. Bev, the house turned out beautiful! I just love the colors you chose and I am sure Tyler will enjoy spending time in this house so much. Your garden is just wonderful and I can't wait to watch it grow over the summer.

  2. I love your playhouse. I can wait to see how it all evolves. Have fun!

  3. What a special and magical place! Any child would be in love with it.... and any grandmother would be too!


  4. Oh my... I just couldn't wait to visit your blog this AM..What a great job you did..The little house is darling..very inviting...The garden looks wonderful with all it's "sprouts" coming up everywhere...I'm sure it all gives you a great sense of satisfaction..Good Job Bev

  5. OH how beautiful!!! Love the lil' house and your gardens are awesome, I love the tall beds, that's what I need for my bad back, love how they look too:D have a wonderful day!

  6. Oh my, Beverly! What a cute little house and you painted it perfect colors. Your garden looks great I am looking forward to see it grow throughout the season. Don't you love raised beds? Makes it so easy to amend the soil just where you need it.

  7. Oh, I just love that playhouse. Love your color choices!.

  8. Work in deed! The garden looks wonderful and I saw Minerva in the distance! Now isn't that playhouse going to be fun. Think of all the memories it is going to hold! Thanks for my morning visit and I'd love to be over for tea!

  9. OMGosh, your garden is HUGE!! And not a weed in sight (at this moment!) it! You have been working like a dog!

    The playhouse is absolutely adorable! Cutest colors and you got it done so quick! That little man is going to have a great time.

  10. Gorgeous job Bev. on the playhouse.

  11. Oh my all the garden boxes. Looking at yours makes me want to work on building boxes today. I agree with you about the garden being a magical place. I love eating in mine while listening to the pond water. Fresh strawberries are so yummy. I like to eat them as I pick them. But takes longer to fill the baskets. Sweet little playhouse. Blessings!

  12. That is the best planned garden, what fun that will be! Love the play house too, such pretty colors! We have been having strawberries too...the chocolate dipped kind! ;D

  13. I am trying to catch up on my blogger friends and wow you sure have been busy! Love the colors on the playhouse...and love the gardens!


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