Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Every day at feeding time,
our youngest fainting goat buck, Fred,
greets us at the gate to his yard.

With his nose through the fence,
he begs for his favorite treat...
(Ritz crackers, of course...the favorite treat of all goats!)

and gets it, too.
After all, who could resist this cute little fellow?

If you follow my blog, you will remember that Fred was looking
quite grungy by winter's end.
A whole winter on the receiving end of Smoochie's affections
coupled with his wild and wooly winter coat left Fred looking
like the goat version of a vagrant.

Now, after shedding, he is sleek and clean once again.

Smoochie, on the other hand, looks like he's been wearing the 
same sweater for the past ten years, and it is starting to fray!!

As I pour their dinner, each of the bucks comes out to eat.

Except for Chip, our shy guy.

He stays in his house until I have exited the yard,
and then he meanders out to nibble his kibble.

Living on the farm has taught me that animals are more like people than we imagine.
They each have their own personalities and moods.
From birth, the baby goats have their very own traits.
Some are more friendly, some more playful, some more adventurous.
I think it is inborn.

The same goes for the dogs....

Just like people....
alike, and yet oh, so different!


kpaints said...

Aren't the differences wonderful!!!!

Carmen C. said...

All of your furry babies are just precious! Have a wonderful day:)

Cindy said...

Your goats look wonderful, especially Fred! How many do you have total? I agree about the personalities of animals, we see it with our chickens and cats.

missy max said...

Hard to believe that the goats are at such different stages of shedding..Maddie is sure stirring up the mud...

Ginny said...

I think Smoochie needs a day at the spa, LOL.

JC said...

Love the photos of your goats.

Deb said...

In my business I see cats every day and they too are so different from each other. Love the photo at the water.

Kelly said...

The longer I work with people the more I appreciate animals.

C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

It's the small differences in their personalities that makes our animal friends special.

Teresa said...

Fred looks so good! Goats are more like people than any other animal I've spent time with. Most times that's good, but sometimes I wonder!


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