Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bert's Adventure

I can hardly believe it, but the day has come.
Just eight short weeks ago, our little Bert looked like this...

And now he's leaving home.
Yesterday was the start of Bert's big adventure.

His new parents, Ruth and Mitch, drove almost 4 hours
from Delaware to pick him up.

They loaded him up in their air conditioned van,
in a comfy cozy crate filled with soft hay
for the trip home.

Bert is going to a really great home where he will have lots of
friends to play with,
and eventually a girlfriend to make a family with, too!

Bye, Bert.....we will really miss you....
you were a very special "kid"!

Sammy tried to hitch a ride along with Bert.

No, Sammy....
you have to stay here.
After all, who would Ollie and Red play with if you left??

On another note...
our "Open Farm" day was a great success.
The weather was perfect.
We had hay rides and tours and lots of time to play with the animals.

Some of the children helped with chores like
gathering eggs...
(they were much happier than these pictures show...I swear!)
(Although I have to admit, they look as if they were
sold into slavery.)

Sadly, I took hardly any pictures....too busy mingling!

And finally, on a very sad note,
Edith, our female turkey went missing yesterday afternoon.
The weather was blistering hot, and Oakley and Sam were not out on patrol very much.
I fear that Edith, my weeding buddy, fell prey to a hunting fox.

I pray she returns, but fear she will not.
Poor Tom and Chuck....who will they show off for now?


  1. It looks like you had a fun farm day! I hope Edith returns. I enjoyed reading about all of yur turkey adventures.

  2. Oh no, poor Edith... I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope she'll return to you and her guys.
    Bert sure has grown up, he's a very handsome fella. Still must be hard to say goodbye to one of your babies.
    I'm glad your open farm was successful, I bet everybody had a blast. I know I would have. :-)
    Thank you Bev, for offering me some of the Tansy. I would love some, if you didn't mind sharing. Would I plant it near the affected plants or a little ways off? Any help is greatly appreciated since I fear it is going to be one of those years. Sick (or dying) potatoes, aphids, white fly, squash bugs, oh my...

  3. I hope your Edith returns safe and sound. I hate it when people call turkes stupid. They are some of the sweetest animals. They follow you around and love music. I know, I know, Yes we play music for our animals. Glad the farm day went so well. Those poor children look so sad. I bet they perk up for ice cream. Have a great day.

  4. So sorry to hear about Edith. Bummer!
    Glad your 'farm' weekend went so well. Looks like it was a lot of fun.
    It must have been hard to see Bert leave...but glad he was going to a happy home.

  5. Sad post..Bye Bye Bert...So sorry about Edith

  6. I'm getting so sad to read about fox problems. I really hope she just went on a little hike. Fingers crossed for her. Bye Bert.

  7. So sorry to hear about Edith. I tell people all the time about your turkeys and how they follow you around, and the fact that you spared them last Thanksgiving. I hear the same response, "They are thankful that you spared their life." I hope that Edith does return, but I have a feeling that you are right. I am glad that you had a good turn out for the farm tour.

  8. So much news in one post! I'm glad your Open Farm went well... what a great idea! Love the photo of the little girl holding the egg basket... too funny!

    Bert is beautiful! I'm happy he found a great home (but I would have been sad to let him go. I get too attached!)

    Crossing my fingers that Edith returns!

  9. Your farm day looks so fun!

  10. I hope Edith comes home.... Your farm day looks like lots of fun.... Nice way to share your farm..

  11. I so hope Edith returns. Maybe she's just hiding on a nest. It really does look like your little Bert has grown up to be very handsome!


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