Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Twins' First Outing

Yesterday morning afforded us a little sunshine.
With more rain looming,
we decided to let the twins out for their first play date.
It was time to meet the cousins.

Getting O'Malley out of the maternity ward was a feat in itself,
but nothing a pack of Ritz crackers couldn't solve.

Although they look timid here, following closely on their Mama's heels.
The truth is, they were just staying close to breakfast.

First to check them out were Sissy and Sally.

It didn't take long until they left the safety of their Mama 
and took off kicking up their heels and playing.  

Once everyone got acquainted,
a nap in the sun seemed like the thing to do.

Myrtle with the triplets.

Sissy with Bert.

And the twins in Dr. Becky's loving arms...

Upon arrival back at the house,
I was greeted by this crazy crew coming out of my garage.

I can only imagine what they might have been doing in there.

They still haven't come to the realization that on the other
side of the woods is Rooster Heaven....
that is.... 60 free ranging hens.


  1. Can the baby goats be ANY cuter? THey look like stuffed animals..and the moms are so good - I'm impressed.

    What kind of Rooster is that, Ameraucana? They are very pretty - and not very smart, apparently :-)

  2. I don't know how you part with the babies at sale time. They're impossibly cute.
    Chickens in the garage at my house means one thing--chicken poop in the garage. Usually in a place that I'm sure to step and usually it's one of those sticky, brown poos.

  3. Dumb roosters !! They are beautiful though...The kids are great..good pictures...

  4. Perfect day on the farm!! Beautiful!! Roosters aren't known for their high intelligence-but they are lovely to look at -and more so if not harassing the ladies constantly!!

  5. I live in a huge city and fully expect to be driving down my suburban street one day and see my chickens walking down the street or on my neighbors car or something. So far so good though!

  6. The cutest babies!!! Pretty roosters....maybe I need just one? lol

  7. I love your sweet animals..wish I had more! The lady that bought our previous home had lots of long eared goats, they were cute too. :D

  8. Twins so cute. Nice looking chickens. I took my baby chicks out for some sunshine today. They grow much faster than I would have guessed. Blessings!

  9. They are adorable Bev! I look forward each year to see these sweet new little goats! And check out those handsome roosters! The hens need to call those silly boys over! ;)

  10. My daughter and I just loved these latest videos!! They are SOOO cute!!!

  11. I love all the baby goats! So adorable. I can't believe those guys haven't found the girls.

  12. This is what makes me want to have goats Bev...seeing your video's and watching those little sweeties playing. I can just imagine the antics you see that you don't get on your camera...that's usually when something good happens isn't it! Thanks for sharing these with the pictures too.
    Maura :)


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