Monday, April 18, 2011

A sunny day....

a chance to play with goats...


soft, sweet smelling fur babies...

who grow up and leave home all too soon.

{And then the rains came (again).
And more on the way.}

Do you know???
Do you know what was behind this screen?

An enormous black bear....300+ pounder,
just a few feet outside our bedroom window,
tore down our birdfeeders and the pole that they hung upon
at 2 AM the other night.
We awoke with a start....dogs barking like they had never barked before.
We peered out the window and saw him.
Quick, grabbed the camera...
opened the window,
and took a picture of the screen, 
while Mr. Bear sauntered away down the path through the woodpile.
He returned several times the same night
still searching for food....we could hear him on our front deck.

And while we are on the subject of wildlife,
look what Hubbs found in his golf bag....

It seems that a few families of mice have made their homes 
in our garage,
and Hubbs' golf bag serves as a rather large pantry.
Dog food, carried piece by piece to the top of the bag
and dropped to the bottom of the bag....
a laborious venture of hunting and gathering!


  1. A bear on your deck?! Yikes, I hope all your critters are still accounted for.

  2. Sounds alittle scary. Is this the first time for a bear so close to the house? I would be afraid my dogs might get hurt. Go thing I don't have to worry about that here in the city. The babies are so cute. Hope you have a good week. Lisa

  3. OMG! I would freek out! Nice screen, though. LOL! 8>)

  4. The bear story trumps the mouse story. Are your animals locked up tight?!! I know (from other blogs) that bears will go after all manner of smaller creatures and not just bird feeders.

  5. It's amazing where one finds dog food when there are mousies around :)

  6. It's a great shot of the screen though!

  7. And why did you open the window with a 300 lb bear on the other side?! I have always wanted to see one in the wild but wouldn't want to be that close.

  8. Oh, my, that must have been scary, bet you didn't get much sleep that night! Unfortunately, he could be back! I know your animals are protected by their sweet mamaand daddy but be careful. I often find dog food in funny places as well. In metal cabinets in the kitchen drawers or in a closet. Luckily this year....none!

  9. OMG! Thank heavens no bears here yet. Mice we can work with. Our cats do a really good job. I don't think they would do too much with a bear. Eeek!

  10. OMG! Thank heavens no bears here yet. Mice we can work with. Our cats do a really good job. I don't think they would do too much with a bear. Eeek!

  11. Oh Bev..I am so DONE with rain and wind. On Sat. the leanto for the Clydes..well the back wall is gone. Imagine!! Then of course to take it away..heavy!!
    That darn bear will be back from what I hear they keep hoping for more treats...and watch out for the BBQ. My girlfriend had hers torn apart. Not good having a visiting bear!!!So far we have been lucky!! Just wolves and Coyotes!

    Keep dry if you can..surely this will pass. Enough is enough!!!

  12. Have you seen the youtube video of the cat chasing the Bear? Pretty funny:)
    But OH my:{
    ...anyone have a tranquilizer gun nearby?
    Nice screen! still in one piece even!!
    i wonder if those mice have been leaving a dog food trail to mr. Bears den?

  13. How frightening to have a bear that close and not a bit afraid. Those mice worked so hard and carefully. Gotta hand it to 'em.

  14. Those kids are cute. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about bears!

  15. Oh, my...a black bear that close to your house! How scary! But I loved the mouse story...I bet they thought they had hit it rich to find a nice, dry place to store their food. I'm getting tired of dark, dreary days. And now rain coming everyday the next week except for Thursday.

  16. I love the thought of wildlife living so close. But not a huge bear on my porch. Too close!!


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