Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh, The Games Kids Play

So, what's so interesting on the other side of the fence??

Why, it's acrobatic Bert putting on a show.
And the pups have a front row seat.

Jumping up on objects is his favorite past time.

It won't be long until he is on top of the goat huts.

The kids have begun to play together...
games like "Follow the Leader" and "Tag"....

"You're it!"

not to mention "Leap Frog"...

Oh Bert!
Can you tell his little horns are coming in?
And with them, this buck-like behavior.

Sammy wishes he could play, too!

Poor (blind in one eye) Hickory just wishes she could 
see what all the excitement is about!

Have a wonderful weekend...
and visit us next week for more Tails from the Farm!!


  1. It's amazing!!! They grow bigger so fast..You have a great weekend as well..

  2. I love that...they are all excited for the little guys...getting on their feet. So sweet!

  3. They sure know how to have fun! I can almost hear them laughing as they play! You have a wonderful weekend also Bev!


  4. Bert is certainly handsome. They all look like they are having a good time, and ours are starting to play "leap frog" as well. Kids!

  5. That is so cute how the dogs are all lined up to watch the show! ;D

  6. Those little ones R so cute and so much fun to watch.

  7. Bev he is absolutely adorable...I love his color and markings! I think we've pretty much made up our minds that we're going to get goats later this year or next...I can't wait. Your Hickory is like our Chelsea the Shih Tzu...she lost vision in her eye from we thing getting poked by a stick she was playing with. It really hasn't slowed her down as she still chases our big Shep around the yard full tilt. I'm looking forward to seeing more photo's of your farm and critters next time. Have a wonderful week.
    Maura :)


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