Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Spring!
As the world around us has a make over...
from dull winter brown to vibrant spring green,
I thought I would tell you about our very own makeover special.

For a limited time
we are offering free makeovers.

You can start out like this...

and end up like this....

or look like this before....

and this after....

Although these "after" pictures have the girls posing like shrinking violets,
they are undeniably much happier having shed their winter coats.
Hickory runs and plays like a puppy since her haircut.
And Maddie is full of life after losing about 10 pounds of winter fur.

I clip the girls myself.
Even Hubbs gets his haircuts at home.

So, if you think you could use a makeover...
just let me know.
I'd be happy to help you out.
(please note, however, I only do one style!)

PS:  The baby goats continue to grow more each day.
Their mamas have their hand full...
as these little ones are totally unruly.

Right after I snapped this picture,
Spot (black and white) jumped onto his Mama's (Myrtle's) 
back and then kicked up his heels and leaped off.
Dear Myrtle...she is so patient with these little ones.

O'Malley's twins still show no signs of growing horns.
It looks as though we may end up with two poled (hornless) goats.
Poling is a dominant trait, so statistically we should end up having 
50% of O'Malley's kids being poled.
Last year's twins, Sally and Fred, both have horns.
So perhaps these two will not.

Happy Easter from all of us
all of you, our friends.

See you next week for more Tails from the Farm.


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family Bev!

  2. cute spring haircuts....Our critters get those special cuts from time to time around here also. The baby goats are adorable, wishing you all a happy easter from our farm to yours...

  3. I just went to a compost class and the guy said to compost animal hair.

    Happy Easter!

  4. Happy Easter to you as well...

  5. You are so brave to start chopping away at the dogs! Good for you. They look wonderful and are probably thanking you for their new 'light' bodies!

    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  6. Happy Easter Bev to you and your family! The doggies all look happy after their furcuts and the baby goats are just adorable. Oh, I wish we didn't have four days of rain coming. I guess we will have a wet Easter this year.

  7. Your big Newfie makes me miss mine so much! Shaving them is a good idea, gets ahead of those hot spots! Have a wonderful Easter weekend! :D

  8. Your right the goats are getting big. They are still adorable. We had a dog who wouldn't come out of the dog house after he had been groomed. We guessed he was embarrassed. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  9. I hope you have a sunny, pleasant weekend. Thanks for sharing all your critters. :)

  10. We have a two year old Newfie and I didn't shave him last summer, but I am wondering if I will have to this year. He is already acting like he is hot and it hasn't really been above 65 degrees here yet!

    Have a wonderful Easter.

  11. I certainly have one that could use a hair cut. I just wish I had sheers that could stand up to the Great Pyrenees.

  12. Teresa, Wahl makes a heavy duty clippers...that is what I use on Maddie. I would imagine that a Great Pyrenees is very similar in coat to a Newfoundland....thick undercoat. Maddie was especially thick this year as she chose to sleep out in the garage rather than the heat of the house. I though I was going to burn the clippers up....but they lasted, amazingly.

  13. Loved this post Bev! I think I'll pass on the makeover...not that I don't need one myself but I like my hair just a tad longer than the 'girls' ;) I love the looks on their faces in the 'after' shots but I know how ours act after we shear them off...they are MUCH happier and I think they love being able to SEE again! Ours are Shih Tzu's. We don't do our big Akbash though although hubby has been thinking about it. Shep has a white coat and doesn't have as much hair as your big girl. Love the goat pictures...can't wait to get our own. Maybe next year. Enjoy your day!
    Maura :)


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