Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me and Another Cute Goat Video

Yesterday was my birthday.
Another year has crept up on me.

My birth certificate claims that I am 54 this year.
(I am sure it is wrong!)
There has to be a mistake.

Surely, a clerical error of some sort!

In my heart, I am still 20-something.
(My bones, some days, say otherwise!)

Well regardless,
I know that you will all leave comments wishing me well.
And I thank you for that...
you all make every day brighter with the comments that you leave.
You make me laugh, and smile, and most of all...
thankful to have so many like-minded
friends from all over.
Thank you.

Now, I would like to ask you to do me a favor.
I am not in the habit of doing this.
But I will make an exception this time.

Would you, could you.....
click on the Nature Conservancy link on the right sidebar of my blog
and donate 
$1 to plant one tree?
(you can certainly donate more if you like).
Surely, $1 will not have much of an impact on your life,
each and every $1 combined will have an impact on the future of our planet.
(Just a little sustainable gift you can give Mother Nature and me!)
Thank you!

Please forgive me for asking this favor....I
will not do this with any regularity, I assure you.
But it is, after all, my birthday and I get to ask for what I want
just this once, right?

And with that I leave you with yet another cute goat video...
The Triplets' First Trip Outside
(if you are reading this on Facebook, you will need to visit my blog at to view the video)

*** The Nature Conservancy contacted me and asked me to put their link on my blog.  I have always pledged to keep this blog as pure as possible....and only promote things that I feel are worthwhile causes.  Sustainability should be all of our cause.  Please join me in this cause. Plant a garden....plant a tree.

Thanks for visiting!!!
See you next week with more tails from the farm!


  1. Happy Birthday tooo youuu.....

    What a great cause. and I am just so in love with those baby goats - even Myrtle! who is the ever watchful mom.

  2. Oh~they made the same error where my records are kept!! Have a fun day!! Love the video-boy does that mama deserve a break to Jamaica Beach Resort already!!

  3. Happy Birthday Bev! I hope your day was filled with lots of love, laughter and joy.

  4. Well Happy Birthday Bev. I hope the next year is just the best.
    The little ones are having a great first day outside to be folowed by many more. Lets hope our weather behaves itself. soon. Judi B.

  5. Happy Birthday!! There's nothing wrong with doing something good for the planet on your birthday. :)
    I hope you have a great day and year filled with joy and laughter.

  6. These little goaties weren't born with springs like Bert has...Have you maned them yet....???

  7. You got it!! Happy Birthday. I am happy to share a tree with my fellow Aries!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a super-duper day..kick up your 54 year old heels and paint the town red! LOL Darling little ones and I sure will donate! (I turned 61 on March 1rst and I still feel a sassy 26 too) ;D

  9. Love your blog and the bouncing goats and dogs and babies of all sorts!

  10. Happy Birthday!!!

    And yes i fell in love with your log home!!! It is beautiful!


  11. Oh Bev, a clerical error indeed. You dont’ look a day over 25 in your photos and I so know what you mean about feeling 20. In my mind, I am still a high school graduate--just in my early 20s and my mom and dad’s little girl. I think it will alway be that way :) LOL
    I will absolutely donate--what a wonderful idea. No apologies necessary for that request--it’s a giving request to a much needed planet we all share.
    Happy Birthday Bev!
    Hugs, Amy

  12. Hope your birthday was fantastic! As long as you stay young at heart, it doesn't matter what the birth certificate says (until it gets you a senior discount)!

  13. Happy birthday, Bev. I heeded your request and made a donation in your honor, with thanks for your wonderful posts!

  14. Happy belated birthday to you, Beverly. I know the feeling, there must be something amiss with those birth certificates. ;-)

    I think the Nature Conservacy is a wonderful group and planting trees (and a garden) with sustainability in mind is a wonderful idea. Count me in. Happy Birthday.

    Love the triplets. They're adorable. Taking a run off without Mom but not getting too far away yet. lol Very sweet.

    I hope you had yourself a very lovely birthday.


  15. Happy Belated Birthday Bev! I'm sorry I've gotten so far behind in visiting your farm...I'm afraid I haven't been around to visit blogland while we were working on our bathroom. It's done now so I'm back but the garden is calling me outside...don't you just love this time of year! I hope you had a wonderful day.
    Maura :)


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