Thursday, March 24, 2011

We awoke yesterday to this....

32 degrees, an inch of snow on the ground, followed by a day of rain.

I was not impressed.

Neither were the Roos...

The cats did their best cheeseburger impersonation and stayed
beneath their heat lamps. (Scowling, I might add.)

By the end of the day the farm looked like this....

And Rod, of course, looked like this....

Meanwhile, in the nursery....

Myrtle is getting a bit restless.
(Maybe she is thinking about delivering soon!)

Bert stayed warm and close to his mama.

Believe it or not, he has grown a bit in these past 5 days.
He hasn't yet grown into his ears, though.

Cute as a button.

And friendly as can be.

Oh, my, wouldn't you like to have a goat or two???

How about a boy and a girl?

Then you could have cuteness like this every day!


  1. Bert is so precious! If I lived with you, I wouldn't get any work done. I would have to snuggle that baby all day!


  2. It was a cooler, wet and soggy day here as well - but at least it only rained.
    Your little goats are just the cutest things, sadly we don't have room to keep any. :-(
    Thank you Bev, for letting me know about your carpal tunnel surgery. The only person I know that had the surgery is my Mom. Her's was done in the early 80's and botched horribly. I'm glad to hear you were back to using your hand after 3 days, makes me hopeful I'll be able to do the same.

  3. already know my answer :-) He is just adorable. We have an inch of snow this morning...ugh!

  4. I enjoy visiting both your blogs. I know how the cold and snow is but it will eventually be Spring. Just taking a little longer for us this year. I love the pic of your horse and dog nose to nose. That is such a keeper. blessings, L J

  5. Oh, I just love that little guy.

  6. I would LOVE a goat or two. My stupid HOA thinks horses are the only civilized animals to have on acreage. Everything thing else is "farm animals". :(

    Wishing Springtime back to Pennsylvania!

  7. You are so lucky!! What fun to have the little goaties on a day like yesterday..A bright spot :)

  8. Oh that little baby goat is the cutest-with those big ears!! We got 8 inches of the lovely (on Christmas Eve!) white stuff day before yesterday also-but as we say in Maine-at least March snow doesn't last long!! Almost gone today!!

  9. Snow is a "Four Letter Word" this time of year! Your goat babies are so cute!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. He is just too sweet!
    What is that grey stuff on the floor of the chicken houses? And how big is that chicken house where you have the roosters? That might be a good one for me.

  11. Bert is just SO adorable and his ears are precious!! He is staying nice and warm!!

    Excited to see Myrtle's little one soon!!

  12. They certainly are very cute! That rooster in the rain cracks me up!

  13. Oh ya I want me one!.....not the snow...the Bert ;)


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