Monday, March 7, 2011

The Many Signs of Spring

If you live on the East Coast, then I am sure you were
inundated with rain yesterday.

We took shelter inside the house 
and caught up with our reading for most of the day,
with the exception of going out to take care of the animals.
(And yes, Hickory insisted upon donning her raincoat 
and accompanying us!)

Our band of silly Roos, the Frat Pack,
sought shelter on our lower front porch,
occasionally peeking in the front window to our family room.

I spent a little time organizing my thoughts and planning
our garden boxes for this summer.  
Saturday's mail brought the delivery of one of my favorite 
seed that I wanted to tell you about.


Have you ever tried seed tape?

Last summer for the first time, I ordered this type of seed.
It comes perfectly spaced on a little tape of tissue-like paper.
You simply make a little furrow, 
spread the tape, 
cover with a small amount of soil, 
and you end up with perfectly spaced rows of yummy vegetables.

If you are like me, you find ways to make gardening a bit easier.
Not having to thin out seedlings when you plant root vegetables
is a huge time saver.
Very soon, I will sew radishes and beets and then a little later carrots.
I use other seeds for heirloom varieties of these veggies,
but seed tapes really help to make the job easier.


Lastly I wanted to show you a fellow who somehow ended up
in our bedroom, yesterday.
Hubbs gave him a lift back outside where he belongs.

He is a polyphemus moth with a wingspan of 5 - 6 inches.
He had quite a hairy little body and lovely wing markings
with four transparent spots.
These moths are silk moths that are common 
throughout the forests of the U.S.
subsisting on the leaves of broad leafed plants. 
Their cocoons are spun with brown silk.

On the subject of insects, etc., I was happy to see a few of these
out on the driveway in the rain yesterday.

The robins will be happy to see these guys, too,
as they are a staple in the robins' diet.

Oh, and I pulled two ticks off of Sam and Oakley yesterday.
It's Frontline season again!

There you have it....rain, seeds, bugs....just a few of the many
sure signs of Spring!


  1. The moth is beautiful!... on rare occasions we see one like this, a few times a Luna!

    Never heard of seed tape, great idea. Love the roo pic...

  2. Awww, gee, as much as I like it that Spring is coming(I have seen the Robins) I don't care much for the insects. Although, that is a beautiful moth! Six inches, that is totally incredible! Worms are good for the compost but ticks....they just make me shutter and we get them here. I have noticed a lot of spiders lately too! Ugh

  3. Seed tape !! Cheating...I've used the seed saturated papers...The bunnies get the greenery very early in it's development....
    Worms, worms aand more worms...They were even climbing up a neighbors garage door..Yuk

  4. Hi Bev!
    I'm happy for you that spring has's been a long old winter. I just looked at the little slide with your log cabin...what a treasure you have there. How many people can lay claim to having their very own piece of history on their land! I'm not sure if you've told the history of it on your blog or not so I'll have to look around a bit to see what I can find. I hope you're enjoying a nice sunny day!
    Maura :)

  5. Such a beautiful moth.
    I used seed tape for my beets last year and was very pleased with how easy it was and how for once the beats didn't need thinned. I hate pulling up baby plants.

  6. Those moths are just amazing! Your post gives me hope that spring is really going to be here soon. Of course, our rain is still mixed with snow this week. ~big sigh~


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