Monday, March 21, 2011

It's A ........


Friday night at 11 PM, our dear Sissy 
delivered one blue-eyed, tri-color, baby buckling.

His name is Einstein.
"Bert" ( as in Albert) for short.

This was the perfect name for him because he is just
the smartest little buckling ever.
He stood up and walked as soon as he was born,
sought out his Mommy's milk supply,
and then headed to the heat lamp to warm up.
He didn't need to be shown how to do anything....
what a smart little guy!

And speaking of babies...
Friday's afternoon temperature approached 80 degrees.
Tyler had his first crawl in the grass
and spent the afternoon outside with the animals.

Gosh, he is growing up so quickly.

Living here on the farm amidst the circle of life
affords me the opportunity to see life through the eyes of
the very young and the very old.

Baby Tyler reminds us to view the world with eyes of wonder...

Hickory, our 16 year old half-blind terrier reminds us to cherish each day
for we have a limited supply of them.

Happy Spring, friends!
May you all enter this season of rebirth with the wide-eyed wonder of a child,
and the age old wisdom that reminds us how precious each day is.


  1. Congrats on your first baby goat of the year! Einstein is adorable!
    Tyler is one lucky baby to be able to grow up around all your animals. He is such a cutie, too. :-)

  2. What a handsome little boy!! There is nothing as wonderful as a baby. Happy Spring!!

  3. Oh my goodness...the cuteness...I could just die from the ding-dang cuteness!


  4. Bless the new little boy!! Tyler is getting so big, glad he got out to enjoy the wonders of Spring.

  5. Mother Maddie..what a sweetheart...Bert is the tricolors..hope I can see him before he gets too big...

  6. Bert is just so adorable...and so is Tyler...I can see he was in heaven being outside on the grass....and that wonderful protector!!!! See really is watching over him!

  7. Woo hoo! Congratulations on the first buckling of the season! Einstein is a cutie!

    Tyler is adorable! I know what you mean about him growing up so quickly - my Little Darling is 10 months old today and we are already planning his 1st birthday party. We took him to the beach for the first time two weeks ago and he got to play in the sand for a bit. Too cute! Speaking of too cute, I loved your video of Maddie and Tyler. With the way Maddie watches over Tyler, she reminds me of Nana the Nanny dog in Peter Pan!

    ~ Tracy

  8. What a handsome boy!!! Love those blue eyes - I would LOVE to bring bert home to This old house. Perhaps to keep the chickens company?

    baby boy is adorable too :-)

  9. Aww! Two cute and adorable kids! Enjoy!


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