Monday, March 14, 2011

The Early Bird

So, tell me...
Does the early

get the

If, so then we are definitely early birds this year,
and hopefully will soon have lots of worms.
(It helps that I have a shipment of 10,000 due to arrive any day now!)

We spent some time this weekend prepping garden boxes...
weeding them,
spreading manure,
working the manure into the soil,
picking out rocks that migrated to the top over winter.

Then we got a jump start on gardening
and planted our sugar snap peas,
radishes and spring onions.

The left half of this box is planted with snap peas,
that will climb these decorative trellises.

It is a bit early, I admit,
but everything I read says you can start on these veggies as soon
as you can work the soil.
Our garden boxes are well thawed and the soil is definitely workable.

So, I say....
why not?

It will be just lovely to harvest some fresh veggies in a number of weeks,

Thanks, Amanda....for all the help!
Not to mention our yummy wheat bread...
Whole grain wheat dough, kneaded and ready to rise.
Growing our own food and cooking from scratch is 
something we are committed to.... and it is so great
that our kids share these goals with us!

Coming to build a salad table.


  1. Great looking garden boxes!! I need to get off my tush and get my tomato boxes ready!!
    Loved the picture of Rod chicken --all wet!! Great name!!
    Hope you'll dry out soon!

  2. We've started our plants in containers... love those snap pea trelis'...

  3. Yup..It's a little early..supposed to be in the 20's a couple of nights this week..Maybe that will be the end of it ???
    Your boxes look ready...won't be long til they're brimming with goodies..

  4. Only slighty early. We always planted peas on St.Patrick's Day. Good Luck with the garden.

  5. I was going to dig my raised beds out of the snow this weekend but Sunday we had rain. I did start a bunch of things in my greenhouse on Saturday and had fun just spending the day outside. Love your raised beds. I put clear plastic over hoops on my raised beds and it creates a mini greenhouse effect (and keeps the deer from eating my plants). Last year I had lettuce growing in March, sometimes I had to dig off the snow but it was great to have fresh greens. I am way behind this year! Seeing this makes me even more determined to get out there and dig out my raised beds!

  6. My gosh, you have an early start! I too am lookingfor worms, hopefully I can find some right here in this area. Your boxes look if someone would just come and build me some more!

  7. I love the look of your garden boxes. I am so anxious to be able to work in the gardens, but it's still way too early here.

  8. I can't wait to see how you make your salad table. I love your trellises.

  9. I can't wait to see how you make your salad table. I love your trellises.

  10. With the arrival of all those worms, my hens would LOVE to live at YOUR house!!! We have too much snow to even BEGIN to think of gardening....maybe in another month....???

  11. Very nice. I showed my son in case he wanted to post the instructions on their blog for PCC Seeds of Change, which he is the president of the club. They are creating an organic garden, and my son along with others are working on building a compost bin for the college.

  12. Thanks for the weekend, Bev! I'm hoping our little baby-seeds will thrive, no matter the temperature outside. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

    I just bought my first round of asparagus for less than a dollar. Yum! Can't wait 'til ours begin to shoot!!


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