Friday, February 4, 2011

Sno-weary, Sid, and Sledding

Would you think less of me if.....

I told you that some mornings lately,
I look like this.....??

No, I'm not growing a beard!

I hate to admit it,
but the snow and ice have me a little weary.
In the wee hours of the morning,
when it is time to go out and face the elements,
and tend to morning chores....

I lay in bed, with the covers pulled up around my neck,
peer out at the white world,
and wish I could go back to sleep.

Once I get out, though, the cold is invigorating,
the sunrise amazing,
the animals grateful,
and I am glad that I didn't stay in....peering out at the world.

During afternoon chores, yesterday,
I stopped to visit with Becky's Thoroughbred, Sid.
If you have been reading my blog for a while,
you will remember that Sid tore off part of his nostril
this past autumn.
Becky lovingly stitched him back together.
(I held the light...and almost passed out)

Anyways... seeing me at the fence,
Sid walked over to say "Hi",

and to show us how his nostril healed.
You can see that the outer rim of Sid's right nostril is missing.
But, I think it healed great, considering what it looked like
at the time!

With Sid is Ava,
Becky's Thoroughbred/Percheron mare
and Sid's true love.
Sid is a gelding, but tries to breed Ava
every chance he gets.

Last, but not least I thought I would share a picture
that best shows Tyler's obvious displeasure delight in sledding.
I am not sure what he was most annoyed thrilled by...
the sled, the snowsuit, or the silly hat!

(PS......Go Steelers!...that's for you, Hubbs!)


Karen said...

Boy do I know what you mean about getting out there for chores. I used to have a strict rule about everyone getting fed at 7am pronto... as I got alittle older that time would waiver a little when it was ugly outside.

Anke said...

Oh Tyler looks so cute in his little sled! What a sweet little guy!
Thank you for your get well wishes. I feel fine, but I'm worried about Hannah. She hasn't been fever free now for 4 days - another doctor trip might be in order...
Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful Pictures. You animals are so grateful you dont stay all snuggley in bed :)

missymax said...

lucky for everyone that you don't stay snuggled in bed..even you!! Sid looks great!! Poor Tyler..looks like it's hard for him to move...GO STEELERS!!!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

I just came over from my friend Amy's at Verde Farm Friend Friday. You have a LOVELY home and farm here...I have always loved log homes and hoped while living in the mountains of British Columbia that we would build one one day. Unfortunately that never happened and now I'm living a new life down here in Kansas on a little hobby farm in the middle of 'no where'. I LOVE IT! I am going to enjoy coming back and catching up on what I have missed on your blog. Enjoy your day...keep warm and I will visit again soon!
Maura :)

Tracy said...

I find animals always make you glad you made the effort for them.

Becky's horses are so beautiful! You really give us a sense of how much she loves and cares for animals.

That little Tyler is so cute! He looks like a black jellybean!

Ginny said...

What a puss on Tyler, he is so cute. Sid's nostril looks great, I remember reading about that and thought how will this ever heal. Have a good weekend.

Kim said...

Beautiful horses! Happy to see that Sid's nostril has healed. Looks good!! I enjoyed reading your post...might not have ever found it if you hadn't linked up with Verde Farm. Thanks! :)

Verde Farm said...

Bev, thank you so much for linking up with Farm Friend Friday. Great Post! I am so happy Sid’s nostril healed so beautifully. He looks great and I do remember that post--whew! I just love his girlfriend too. Cute little Tyler--what a sweetie :)

Nancy said...

I don't know which photographs I like the best -- Sid, Ava or your poor little boy in his snowsuit!

Stopping by from Verde Farm -- so glad I did. :)

Marilyn said...

I'm here for the Friday Farm on Saturday! Always a day late and a dollar short, but I'm glad I made it, what a beautiful farm!

edenhills said...

Amazing how the animals heal. Such a cute picture of Tyler He really doesn't look like a snow baby!

Dianne said...

Cute snow baby pics! He'll love sledding in a year or two!


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