Monday, February 7, 2011

Scarlet Gets A Manicure

Our dear Scarlet, 
sometimes dubbed Miss Bossy Pants,

had a visit from the farrier today.
I had been keeping up with her hooves,
when I trim the minis.

However. a few weeks ago,
Miss Scarlet was late for her appointment
resulting in her growing just a little too much hoof
for me to handle.

So, a call was made to our farrier, Keith,
and Scarlet was put on the calendar for this morning.

 Of course, there is always an audience!
Snip, snip, snip,
file, file, file

and she was looking great,
and feeling great, too!

These are the leftovers,
and will make the tastiest treats for
a few good farm dogs.

 Come back and visit us tomorrow,
and I shall tell you a story about
Miss Scarlet and her brother, Donnie....
the mythical "Perry Bog Ponies".


  1. My condolences to Hubbs..Maybe next year???
    I'll bet Miss Scarlet is prancing around in high style now that she's had her hooves manicured..that was a lot of excess hoof..lucky dogs..Yuk!!!

  2. I remember those days. Years ago we built a barn down at our local 'saddle club' grounds. To do that you had to keep your horses in 'tip top' shape and the saddle club would make arrangements for regular farrier and vet visits. We had the best farrier...he was gentle and strong and funny and the whole experience was fun for horse and owner. Oh how the dogs loved the trimmings! That and of course the poop. Thanks for the memories!
    Maura :)


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