Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Every afternoon for the past couple of weeks,
as I enter the upper chicken houses to gather eggs,
I am greeted by a flock of Grackles hastily exiting the chicken
house as I open the door.
Each time it happens, I am expecting it...but am startled none-the-less.

We have always left our chicken house doors open during the day
and never had this bird "squatter" problem before.
I guess with this year's extended cold weather,
the wild birds are looking for a bit of respite.

What better place than a fully loaded chicken house!

Yesterday Hubbs solved the problem by cutting a tiny
chicken-sized door at the base of the front door
on each chicken house.

Hinges on the inside and a hook and eye keep the door
open during the day, and these little doors keep 
the grackles from flying in to roost.

Yay!  Thanks Hubbs....problem solved!

In response to yesterday's post, 
I had a question regarding the neat little row of dog houses 
on the one farm picture.
These little houses provide shelter for each of our goats.
Each goat has his/her own house...
fully loaded (with hay of course).

We have found that these little houses are the perfect size
for our goats...
providing warmth and shelter from the weather.

And....last week I wrote a post about our afternoon
"Love Fests"
where Sam and Scarlet compete for the affections of one
handsome barn kitty...Bobby, the Fearless.
Here is what happens when Sam gets a little too playful
for Bobby's liking...

Sam: "Hey, where' ya going??" [bite, bite, bite]

Bobby "High enough that you can't get me!"

Bobby: "Can't a guy get a little peace around here?"

Sam: "Come back down, Bobby...I promise 
I won't be so rough!"

Tom Tom: "Hey Bobby, wanna play?"

Bobby: "Nope."

Sam: "Come on, guys....let's play!"

Tom Tom: "Hey Bobby, let's just ignore the'll drive him crazy!"

Needless to say, Sam quickly forgot why he was sitting
at the fence,
and went over to bother Scarlet, instead.
Sam: "Hey Scarlet, wanna play?"


  1. Ok, so you close the doors in the evening after the chickens have gone in but before the crackles do?
    I had the same problem last year-the wild birds were flying through the chainlink fence of my secure chicken run and into the coop through the chicken door. I ended up having to tent the whole thing in plastic bird netting that they use for keeping birds out of berry bushes. It stretches and covers a huge area.
    That worked well. I just don't have the time or inclination to close the chicken door everynight. Unfortunately wild birds bring disease and parasites-for the wellbeing of the chickens they should be kept out.

  2. Always love your posts ~ what a great idea for the chicken coop. We've had the same problem. They have also taken up in one of the small barns ~ Enjoy your day

  3. I love your coop and the door fix! Great idea - is the ladder for roosting?

  4. Thank you for clarifying the dog houses. They really do make nice homes for the goats. Pretty cats too. Love the little door for the hens to go in and out. Genius!!

  5. A doggie door for chickens...too cute...Poor Bobbi...Max knows exactly how he feels

  6. Love all the snow stuck to the cat-so funny! I have tons of sparrows that think my chicken coop is their own personal hotel. Such a messy pain.

  7. Yes, that ladder is full of chickens at bedtime!

  8. What a cute post Bev! All the little chicken door needs now is a fluffy chicken butt in it!

    What pretty kitties! And Sam is so cute wanting to play with them.

    Have a good day! :D

  9. I like seeing inside of your chicken house. The little door is cute. Bet the chickens love it. Since I am wanting to build a chicken house this was helpful to me. Thanks & Blessings!


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