Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Equi-canine Playtime

With help like this, who needs farmhands??

Every morning and evening as I clean up after the horses,
Sammy and Ollie play their favorite game.
It's a universal game for children of all species, all over the world.

Known to most of us as "Tag", Sammy calls it "Catch me, if you can!"
I call it "Trading Places"....the game of pretend,
where predator gets to be prey.

(Canines are natural predators.
Equines are natural prey.)

But on a farm where species intermingle and feel safe with each other...
anything goes!

So, back to the game.
It goes something like this:

Sam: "Hey Ollie, hey, hey, hey Ollie...come-on....
chase me Ollie.  Ollie....hey, Ollie....chase me!"

(and with this pleading goes a whole lot of nose poking)

Sammy pokes his nose at Ollie's butt...until Ollie has no choice,
but to give chase....

Ollie takes off after Sammy as fast as he can,

across the dry lot,

out into the pasture,

snow flying, hooves pounding.

A whole lot of whoopin' and hollerin'
coming from these two little boys,
as Sam chases Ollie, and Ollie chases Sam.

I overhear Ollie yelling, "I'm gonna get you Sam,
and when I get you, I'm gonna eat you!!"

Sammy squeals with delight and runs as fast as he can!

The rest of the critters watch the entertainment.

TomTom, from the safety of the fence,

Maddie from the gator.

(She prefers quieter games of pretend....as horses might be very dangerous!)

The game continues for about ten minutes,
and then the horses go back to munching hay,
and Sammy returns to munching manure.

All that running really gives a boy an appetite!

It's funny, the rest of the horses will chase Sammy off,
but Ollie....
he chases and chases...some days initiating the game.

I like the fact that in this cold winter weather,
they are getting a bit more exercise than they normally would.

If only I could interest Donnie Brasco in this game...

this chubby pony could definitely use a bit of exercise.


  1. I bet it is a lot of fun watching those boys chase each other. It really shows on the pictures how much fun they are having with each other.

  2. Oh...what is it when you say they are chubby?..."Its just the fur and the camera adds 20 pounds".

    What a delightful post, children at play. But I am a bit taken back with the snack after a hard run. A doggie biscuit perhaps? Not dung...

  3. Your minis are adorable!.. I have two that are currently living on another farm due to our move to This Old House and a barn not yet constructed.

  4. Oh Karen, I bet you miss your two!!

    As for manure treats....I have tried and tried to stop them, but they just love horse manure! What's a mother to do???

  5. Gotta love our critters They seem to bless our days with Happy Smiles..what would we do without them.

    Thanks for sharing made me Smile!!


  6. All species seem to have their play times...I guess that's a good way to tell that they are happy and content....Entertainment for all!!

  7. Your animals each have a unique personality. It is fun to hear about the tales and games on the farm.

  8. Something fun is always happening at your house. Great post, and have enjoyed my visit tonight.

  9. Hello Beverly!
    I just noticed your name...it's very nice to 'meet' you. What a wonderful post...I love horses..big and small. What fun it would be to watch your dog and mini fellow chasing each other...farm entertainment! Our little dinky donkey used to chase our dogs but she meant business so they quit going onto her side of the fence. Somehow the dogs always got to the manure though...yuck. Oh well it's just part of life on a farm. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Maura :)


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