Monday, January 10, 2011


No, we did not have snow for Christmas.
The snow came right on schedule, however, for Farm Show week.
Each January, Pennsylvania has its annual Farm Show...
a huge exposition of everything related to farming.
And each January, Farm Show week 
has some of the harshest weather of the year.
We had about 3 inches on Friday, and another inch or so Saturday morning.
Of, course I had to take a few pictures to document this first snow for you.

The dogs love the snow,
with the exception of 15 year old Hickory, 
whose belly runs along the ground picking up snowballs.

Maddie loves to burrow in it,
coming up with a nose full...
For a water dog with thick long fur,
snow is a luxury.

Sam and Oakley didn't even seem to notice.

The horses.....
aside from wearing clumps of snow in their hooves (like ice skates)
they don't much seem to care, either.

The hens were a different story.

They wouldn't leave their houses until I shoveled a path for them.
Spoiled girls....

The goats, like the horses didn't seem to care, either

Hubbs and I took a walk, looking for animal tracks.
We saw a lot....
but they were all from the same species....

I caught this beautiful, unusually colored cardinal at our feeder...

And of course no day is complete without a little something gross!
So, if you have been following my tales, you will know that 
I gave the horses a de-wormer/boticide last week.
Here is what was passed in their manure.
In case you have never seen what a bot egg hatches....
this is the larvae of the bot fly.
These creatures can infest the stomach of the horse
and cause serious damage.

What is life without a little pestilence???

By the way, I did something I rarely do...
I posted an entry this weekend.
So, if you are still looking for a little reading material,
see below.


  1. I bet your hens lay the best eggs. The dogs of course are always fun to see. The larvae not so much.LOL!! Poor horses. Enjoy your beautiful sun rises this week.

  2. It started snowing here last night and we woke up to 7 inches of snow this morning - and it's still snowing! There's no school today and from the looks of it, I bet there won't be any tomorrow either.

  3. Lovely pictures but the worm bot or so disgusting! And so big...ugh! Glad he got rid of it.

  4. Gorgeous pictures all except the larvae of course. That is a part of life. The only time I see snow is when it covers a small portion of our local mountains, only to disappear by the end of the day.

  5. Beautiful pictures!
    The bot fly pic is fascinating. I'm weird that way. Was it alive? I sure hope not.

  6. Nope, CeeCee, that bot was dead!

  7. My cardinals are that color as well..must be their winter color...I wonder where the females go in the winter?? I've only seen the males


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