Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So much of life is a matter of perspective.
How we see things and interpret things is based on our perspective...
where we are standing (in life) at the time.

We take what we see and filter it through our frame of reference,
or our perspective,
and formulate a judgement.

That judgment may seem completely correct to us,
but it may be far, far away from the truth.

Just a little something I thought of this morning,
as I took this picture of Ollie.

From your perspective, he may seem awfully thin
and mal-nourished....
poor little emaciated mini horse....

In actuality, Ollie's doing just great!
It just depends upon your perspective....

Personally, I will think about this
next time I draw a conclusion
about some one else.

It's all a matter of perspective.

Now for an item that scares me a little:
Miss Scarlet, our filly pony,
has a tumor on her mandible.

Over the past few weeks it has doubled in size.
It doesn't seem to cause her any problem, 
but it worries me.
In the next few days,
Dr. Becky is going to x ray her jaw and see what it looks like.
I will let you know what she finds....

I fear losing her...
But on the other hand,
if I take another perspective....
I have been blessed to care for her.


  1. Oh Ollie ... what a cute little chubby belly you have ... you make me giggle! I said a prayer for Miss Scarlet and for you that you won't worry and that you will be ok no matter what the outcome ... I know that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you're waiting for the verdict on your precious pet ... so I prayed for comfort for you too

  2. I quite agree with your philosophical post this morning. It is always interesting how two people can interpret the same situation very differently.

    I hope Little-Miss-Bossy-Pants is ok. Prayers for her and glad to hear that she will be cared for by the very capable Dr. Becky.
    Heather in PA

  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Miss Scarlet. You must be very worried and I hope everything will turn out alright.

  4. I will be praying for your sweet Miss Scarlet for good news that its just a sebaceous cyst or something else minor. We all get attached to your furry or feathered gang and want them with us. Yes, you both are blessed, she has an awesome earthly home. I was looking over some of your videos, they sure have it made with so much pasture to gallop in...and good kisses...

    Digging deeper into God's word, Judge not or you will be judged. So your perspective is correct, I like how you demonstrated it. Outward appearances can be deceiving at times. Try to look at the heart and actions, there the person's heart and character.

    May the lord bless you with his grace and peace.

  5. So VERY true about perspective. In our family, it amazes me how my brother and sister and I can remember an event completely different from one another. Each person has their own truth.

    Miss Scarlett, could it be a fatty tumor? Thank goodness Dr. Becky can be there to help you make decisions.

  6. Unfortunately, Scarlet's tumor is a bony tumor....not in the soft tissue.....

  7. I was pleased to read CeeCee's remarks about her siblings remembering things differently. That is SO true with my sister and I! Some things each of us remember the other one thinks never happened. Bev, thanks again for starting my day on a positive note....with words of wisdom and things to think about. I too hope that Miss Scarlet will be okay.

  8. Ollie has the most beautiful coat, love all those divine shades of gray! Sorry about Ms Scarlett, hope everything will be fine.
    Thanks, for the perspective reminder, I think we get stuck in our own way of thinking...sometimes we forget others just don't see the same way!

  9. Oh, sorry to hear about Scarlett, but she has the best. Dr.Becky. Keep us posted.

  10. Your comments on "perspective" ring so true....There are many ways to view things..Many times I wish I could change my perspective...As for Miss Scarlet, I hope that since it has enlarged so fast that it's an abcess or something not life threatening..It's so hard to have one of your animals be sick...I'll hope for the best for her and you

  11. What a fabulous presentation on judgment and different perspectives! My sons and I were talking about that the other day. They have different perspectives about their childhood and it was a very interesting conversation.

    Your log cabin is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to create a slideshow for those of us who have been so curious about it.

    I will keep Miss Scarlet in my prayers.

    ~ Tracy

  12. I am so sorry to hear your little horse has this condition. I have seen how much you love & care for all of your creatures. I will say a prayer for the little horse & you too. They are beautiful.

    I have been struggeling with something I saw someone do & searching Gods word for the answer. From my prespective I can not see how it was allowed or why. I guess as you said it can be viewed by another in a completely differant way..

    Your post on chickens as you know was very interesting to me since I think I want a small flock. I have bought some books on the subject & commented a little on it in my last post. What do you think of silkie chickens? Blessings!

  13. Very neat idea, he really does look too thin until you look at the pictures below. Hope Scarlet is okay.


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