Friday, January 14, 2011

A Perfect Day Off

Yesterday was my day "off" from farm chores.
The daily chores were all done by Jim and Kathy, our neighbors.

With the snowy countryside as my scenery,
I sat by a roaring fire and finished my continuing Ed reading for the year.

Amazingly, with only this fireplace burning, it is 70 degrees in the house,
and much warmer up in the loft.
(Certainly much warmer than we would keep it if the heat were on.)

As with all Thursdays off, I couldn't resist the urge to at least get out
and take a walk.

Jenn bundled Tyler up, 

while I gathered the dogs, 

and together, we headed down the farm lane.

Oh, how the dogs love to romp and play in the snow....

even Sadie, our Bernese, who doesn't fancy herself a dog.

First stop was the mailbox and then off to visit with the critters....
especially the Bigs and Littles.

Tyler and Moonbeam got up close and personal.

The smell of baby elicited a flehmen response from Moonbeam...

(The flehmen response looks like the horse might be laughing,
but is actually his way of trapping pheromone scents
within his "smelling" organs for further olfactory investigation)
If you're old enough to remember Mr. Ed, the talking horse,
this is about the time he says "Well, hello there, Wibur...."

Once Tyler had had his fill of being sniffed and "lipped",

I opened their pasture gates 
so they could do a bit of running and playing in the snow.

Moonbeam took the opportunity to roll in the snow....
The Littles used that opportunity to pester him...

Pouncing on poor Moonbeam, disturbing his peace.

Eventually, though, he had a chance to roll...
ahh, a cold snow bath....

Sammy had his daily game of "chase" with the horses...
this time they chased him.

Even the Roos could stay inside no longer,

and ventured out to find patches of earth not covered with snow.

It was a perfect day...perfect in every way!

Later in the afternoon, I headed up to Becky's to help perform
pregnancy checks on our goats.
Stay tuned for the results...
coming Monday.


  1. i think moonbeam is just so beautiful ... with that white mane and tail! and the littles are so adorable! i LOVE stopping by here for my morning chuckle!

  2. It was a beautiful, sunny day and Not windy..probably accounting for some of the warmth in your house...Cute pic of Tyler and everyone frolicking in the snow...

  3. Your life seems so peaceful! Oh, and you're roosters are a hoot! Do you ever have problems with them attacking you or other people? I have 1 rooster who was raised lovingly from birth, but he has decided that everyone except my mother needs to be attacked. It's disheartening because we're having to decide whether or not to "get rid of him".

  4. Mallory, these Roos are all very sweet and do not attack. However, in the past we had one Roo, named Hank who flogged anyone who came near him. He is no more.....lethal injection.

  5. Bev, what a beautiful day off. I just love the Big and Littles-they are gorgeous and that you let them love that beautiful little boy. I just think that’s a wonderful thing for both of them. I just know he’s going to be a great farmer someday :)


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