Thursday, January 13, 2011

First off, today, I must say thanks for all of the inspired comments
that you left for me with regards to yesterday's post.  
There are many more posts like that one inside my heart,
but I will try to save them for special occasions...
thus assuring that there is plenty of time left for the cute and comical.

I realized that I was "preaching to the choir" in most cases, 
but if I inspired change in just one reader,
the post was successful!

Now, on to today's subject.....
We have another 4 inches of snow on the ground since yesterday morning.
For the most part, life continues on as usual for the critters
around the farm.
With the exception of the Roos, or the Frat Pack, as I like to call them.

There was an obvious lack of song and color beneath our bird 
feeders yesterday...which is where the Roos spend most of their days.
(There, and inside my garage.)

I did notice, when passing the Frat house, quite a hullabaloo
coming from inside...
the faint odor of cigar smoke, steaks on the grill, a couple of empty
beer cans, and the sound of "chest bumping".

Upon closer inspection, I saw that their front door was wide open,

tracks all around their side yard....leading nowhere...
an obvious sign that they went outside and changed their minds.

That's right, the boys were too "chicken" to go outside...
a bunch of fair weather fowl!

It's hard to believe that six testosterone-laden roosters can spend
so many hours occupying the same small space without killing each other!
But when I checked on them, they seemed rather mellow....
just hanging out eating nachos and talking about the playoffs.

As for me, well I am hanging out inside the farmhouse for the day
(my one day a week "off" from farm chores).
A hot cup of tea, a little educational reading for renewing my RN license,
and perhaps some time at the sewing machine will keep me busy.

No cigars, steaks, or beer for me!
Silly Roos.


  1. What a bunch of handsome boys. You have great posts!!

  2. I do not blame them for not wanting to go outside! When I walked outside this morning I wanted to turn around and go back inside too. Unfortunately, I did not have that option!

    Have a fabulous day off!

    ~ Tracy

  3. Thanks for starting my day with a chuckle...with the "Good ole boys Club"

  4. What a gorgeous buddy pad those roos get to live in! And what handsome roos they are too!

  5. That house is like the one I have been looking at. I have been comparing prices just waiting to find the best deal on one. Your Roo's are beautiful. I am thinking more & more I will end up getting to attached & just keep a flock for eggs in the end & not meat. I love to look at them & hear them do their little chicken talk. I am hoping they like their feathers pet & held a short time. Silly me I love creatures. No one told me I would have to keep nacho's & cigars on hand! LOL! Blessings!

  6. You've had chickens for a while now and you also have a lot of roosters. Have you ever thought about hatching chicks from your own flocks? Chicken genetics are quite fun!

    And they are gorgeous roosters! :)


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