Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Day At The Spa

I treated the "Bigs" to a day at the spa, yesterday.
The weather was balmy...in the low 30's.

More snow is expected today and later this week, 
making yesterday the best day for a little routine maintenance.

Moonbeam and Donnie were groomed, with lots of attention
paid to mane and tail.

Then the farrier came and trimmed and cleaned up their hooves.
I was tempted to use a little toenail polish....
but they were having nothing to do with that!

Getting them to stand still for a picture
was hard enough.

Both of these boys have the sweetest dispositions
and love being fussed over. 
Very often when I groom them, they groom me back in return...
a phenomenon amongst horses known as mutual grooming.
I guess that means they view me as just one of the herd.

I have a farrier trim the hooves of the Bigs, 
but the Littles I do myself.  
Rasping their hooves with a file every few weeks keeps
their feet in great shape.
I wish I could say that working on the Littles is easier than the bigs,
since they are so much smaller.
But, that is not the case.
In their case..."it takes a village!"
These little guys are so feisty and not so well mannered.
We need to work on that a bit, for sure!


Margie said...

they are so beautiful ... and adorable too! i don't know how you take such good care of so many animals ... i have one little dog to groom, and he puts up such a fuss ... and as soon as i'm finished he makes quick work of messing himself up all over again!

Beverly said...

Well, Margie. The funny thing is....as soon as you get the horses all gussied up, they go roll in the mud. Thankfully at this time of year, there is no mud. So, they should actually look decent for a few days!

Michelle said...

They look marvelous! lol
Beautiful animals for sure.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the littles just don't like pedicures and their behavior will probably never change!!!

A Primitive Homestead said...

I see it takes a lot more work to care for these amazing creatures than you may expect. Your hard work payed off. Their tails & main look so smooth. Beautiful creatures. Blessings!

Kelly said...

The size of the animal really doesn't count. The goats give me a run. They look so nice after grooming.


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