Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Egg Production

I have read a few articles with opinions on how to keep up 
winter egg production.
Most suggest using a light inside the henhouse to
counteract the shortened days.

I have also read that leaving a light on all night
stresses the hens.

Our solution has been to use an infra red heat lamp
in each of the henhouses.
This helps to keep the houses warmer,
and seems to keep egg production at a good rate.

Our hens and roosters seem to make it through the winter
happy and healthy.

The dogs love the chicken yard,
and always find something yummy there.

Today it was ice chunks...

And speaking of happy and healthy.....

Have a wonderful weekend.
We will see you back on Monday with more Tales from the Farm.

Oh, and if you like, you can check out my home blog
for a Christmas Farmhouse Tour.


  1. Morning, we left our light on a few extra hours each day in the winter and our chickens did really well. Have a great day

  2. Not only happy and healthy, but also doggone adorable! I am going to pass on your infrared light tip to my aunt in Maine. I am not sure what she uses throughout the winter.

    ~ Tracy

  3. Bev, your chickens are so pretty. We like the red heat lamps as well. I definitely wouldn’t leave the light on all night, it can also lead to canibalism starting with a lot of pecking. We use the red light as you have as it is warm and cozy too :)

  4. Hi Beverly,
    Your home is lovely, I have been enjoying getting to know you through your blog! Please stop by and visit me sometime!
    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  5. I need to get an infrared light - I don't like having that light on all night - and I'm still not getting any eggs!


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