Thursday, December 2, 2010

What a Way to Start December

Yesterday was an odd day....
a strange,
"glad it's over" kind of day.

Compared to Monday's half inch of rain,
yesterday's three inches were....
well, let's just say,
yesterday's rain was ENOUGH!

As I went about the usual morning chores,
the rain was coming down in sheets...
horizontal, drenching, sheets of rain.
Leaving the house at 6:45 AM,
 (yes, a bit late, but that is another story - see below)
the temperature outside was 58 degrees.
By the time I was finished with the work,
it had dropped into the low 40's and the rain turned to sleet.

I could go on and on about how drenched we were,
but pictures will better illustrate it.

A river now runs through the front pasture.

That river follows the driveway and through a pipe beneath it,
out the other side...

and down to the pond.

The pond was so swollen, that it overflowed its banks.

Accessing the duck hut was a bit hairy.
I tried my best Spiderman impersonation
in order to open their door to let them out.

I spent as much time indoors as possible,
until late afternoon, when the sun finally arrived.
It will be many days until we completely dry out again.
Till then, we will be up to our ankles in mud!

So, why was I late in tending to morning chores????

Because we had a visitor in our garage.

This bedraggled fellow was looking for some breakfast,
when all of a sudden he found himself surrounded by barking dogs.

Hickory backed him into a corner.

Fearful of a bad outcome, 
I gathered all of the dogs and herded them into the house.

With camera in hand, 
I ushered this unwanted varmint out into the yard.

He must have hung around the house for half of the day, 
because at another point later in the morning,
Oakley and Sam were chasing him from beneath the front deck.

It's worrisome to me, because usually a raccoon out in the daytime
is rabid.
I'll be keeping a close eye out for him in the coming days.

It's funny how even rainy days are filled with adventure!
Such is life in the country.

The best part of the day was a visit from my little buddy.
With the end of the rain, Tyler and his Mommy emerged from
the little guest house, and stopped in the garage for a quick picture
before coming inside for supper.
Yes, I know, he is adorable!!!


  1. Tyler is such a little cutie. You must enjoy every minute he's there with you.
    We had a ton of rain on Tuesday, bad enough for them to start school 2 hours late due to flooded roads. It was a very wet morning...

  2. He is indeed! Love his ears!

    What a you want to trade some snow for that? Actually, you had better keep it...snow is at least pretty for the most part! :)

  3. My going out in the rain and wind yesterday, was nothing compared to yours. But, we know you wouldn't give it up for anything. And he is more then adorable!!!

  4. So nice to end that awful day with a picture of very cute Tyler...We too,will be soggy for awhile...I've never seen the pond so full!!!

  5. That rain was bad was rushing out of our gutters into the yard. I'm glad to see the sun out today. Tyler is sooo cute. Hubby and I are grand Uncle and Aunt now. Our nephew's son was born on 11/15 - the day before my birthday. We are looking forward to seeing him at Christmas. It's grand to have babies in the family again.

  6. Hi Bev, I feel your pain. We too had lots and lots of rain. Flash flooding in our area on Tuesday. I now have a pond in my pasture that isn't suppose to be there and the ducks are swimming in it. That is a big raccoon. Yes, he is absolutely adorable :)

  7. Oh Goodness, you would think you were in the Northwest with that rain. Sometimes the weather gives us reasons to be thankful for a warm and dry home. What a cutie patutie that Tyler is!!!

  8. Heaven's to Betsy! You sure do have your fair share of adventures at the farm, don't you? Hopefully the raccoon was just rained out of his normal home and took refuge at your house and is not rabid at all. That's unnerving. Good thing the dogs didn't get bit... or you for that matter!

    I hope you'll dry out soon. My goodness, that could all just turn to a heck of a lot of ice if the temps drop. I hope not. That will be worse getting around in then mud and water, I think.

    Tyler is absolutely adorable.I love his little bunny outfit. How cute.

    Good luck with all the lousy weather and the coon.

    Susan @ CluckleBees

  9. We get a lot of rain but nothing like that. And, I did not know about a raccoon in daylight being sick. Glad I stopped by ...

  10. Oh Bev,
    He is beyound Adorable!


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