Thursday, December 9, 2010

Horsing Around

I thought you might enjoy a little tour of our "horse farm".

This is the area around the barn where
our Bigs and Littles spend their days.

Becky (Hubbs' sister) keeps her horses at her own barn.
During the winter months they graze in our hay field.
She uses this portable electric fence (solar powered)
to keep them in a particular area.

Here are Sid and Ava happily munching away.

Becky moves this temporary fence from location to location.
This allows for lots of grazing during these cold winter months.
The fence works amazingly well.

My horses don't graze here as they are a bit chubby.
This grass would really fatten them up!
We cut this hay field twice last summer.
Both Becky's and our barns are full of hay for the coming
winter months.
It is great to be self sufficient!


  1. Thanks for sharing. It is always interesting to see someone elses equine living areas. Looks like a fine set up for happy horses.
    Scarlet is adorable with her dun striping down her back- I thought she was just a bay. I love her little bossy lady attitude! Your littles are soooo sparkling white for being in a dry lot, how do you keep them sooo clean? Even with mats in my dry lot and frequent brushing my minis look more like piggies this time of year!
    Heather in PA

  2. that fence is a great idea...thanks for the tour!!

  3. hey Bev,
    I just read in a recent (Dec.) article in the 'Horse & Rider' mag., that miniture horses are for people who are allergic to horses might not experience the 'allergic reaction' to the minis...(I am researching American Curly Bashkir breed).
    Isn't that great to know about the minis.....hmmm wonder if I can talk gary into a couple! lol!


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