Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feeling Ducky in the Morning

The first chore on the morning list each day involves a trip to the
duck pond.
Each morning, at sunrise, I open the duck hut door
and 18 sweet ducks file out and onto the pond.
It is definitely the favorite time of day for them.
And for me, there is nothing like their enthusiasm to get me going.

I thought I would record this daily ritual and share it with you....
(change the setting in the lower right corner from 360 to 720
for a clearer picture....the lighting was sunrise.)
We have had great luck keeping this last batch of ducks alive.
This past May 1st, I picked up 17 day old ducklings from
our local feed store, brought them home, and cared for them
until they were big enough to bring to the pond.
Since then, we have lovingly herded them
(often by canoe)

into this hut each night for safe keeping.
The hut has fresh bedding, feed and fresh water.
Unfortunately, they feel the need to poop all over the inside...
(just one more stall to muck!)

Each and every morning, we go back down and open the door
allowing them access to the pond once again.
Two aerators keep the pond from freezing in this harsh winter weather

We provide them with fresh feed and scratch daily.
For this they give us eggs and hours of entertainment.
Hope you enjoyed another glimpse into early morning
on the farm!


  1. We have a pond on our property and the ducks tend to wander up to the house at times. One day I looked out the sliding door and a pair of them were on the door Another day I looked out and a pair of Swans were there. Oh how elegant..I had hoped they would stay..but sadly they moved on.
    Loved the video..what a fun way to start the day watching them tumble out there door..pricelss!!
    Have a great day Bev.

    Judi B.

  2. Mollie loves your videos (the sound)what's next?? Today it was ducks...yesterday horses running and dogs barking!! What fun...Glad you have aerators for the pond ;)

  3. You take wonderful care of your animals. They are lucky to be living on your farm. I enjoyed the sound of the ducks quacking.

  4. Call me a city dweller - but I am concerned for poor Sam - he obviously is due to be neutered!


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