Monday, December 20, 2010


we have had way too much Christmas merry making
in the past few weekends...
making us look like this:

Although we all enjoy the holidays,
getting back to "life as usual" will be welcomed.

At some point during our Christmas entertaining this past weekend
we noticed that someone had slipped Sam a piece of shrimp.
He tried and tried to eat it....
delicately chewing, then spitting it out, then chewing again.
Finally, he looked at me with his sad, golden eyes and said...

"I've tried and tried, and I just don't understand how you can 
eat these things!  Please don't make me eat it!"
That's ok, Sammy...
you don't have to eat the shrimp!


  1. Maybe he was waiting for the cocktail sauce. Cute post!!!

  2. I have pictures of all three of my kiddos sleeping in unusual places. That sweetie of yours is TOO cute!
    Maybe the shrimp was just overcooked for Sammy. A bit too chewy. :)

  3. You are such a good Mommy not making Sam each all his food! Poor Boy and as for the other darling boy. ZZZZZZZZ I think I'll join him!


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