Monday, November 29, 2010

Stuffed, But Savoring The Memories

Thanksgiving is over.
We had much to be grateful for.
We ate, we played, we surrounded ourselves 
with the love of family and friends.

We are truly blessed.

And now we head into the holiday season.
Much preparation awaits us.
Parties, gifting, feasting, more friends and
most importantly more family time.

Life is good.
Better than good.

The normal rhythm of life continues,
and my camera is with me each and every moment
so that I can capture those moments before they are gone.

Sweet moments...
an after-breakfast-nap.

That lasts but a moment,

before the ever-present canine mayhem interrupts the peace.

And naptime is replaced by playtime.

Sam delights in teasing Ollie whenever possible,
and Ollie delights in chasing Sam right out of the dry lot.
Sam scoots under the fence to escape a playful nip.

Everyone is enjoying the colder weather....
including me.

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving with those that you love.
Ours was just the best ever!


  1. You are truly blessed. Keep carrying that camera for your blog just makes my day. Thanks for sharing your moments. Lady Jane

  2. Love those baby cheeks! I hope you got a nibble of them for THanksgiving. :)

  3. Glad you all had such a wonderful time. More coming, I'm sure! Enjoy each and every one. Karen

  4. Oh, believe me, I nibble those little chubby cheeks every day!! Tyler lives here on the farm, so I am so lucky to see him every day.


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