Friday, November 5, 2010

Rainy Days

Yesterday was dismal....
"Nothing better than a little rain-marinated mousie!"

TomTom was the only adventurous one.
The rest of us just 
our houses!
"I'm not going out, you go out!"

Nothing to do but wait for it to stop!

"Get back in here Sissy, you'll get a chill!"

A great day for room service!

"Hey, where can a girl get a little scratch?"

Everyone stayed as dry as possible.

"The rain just makes my mane and tail unmanageable!"

Except, perhaps, for us humans!
Oh, and the Bigs....
well, they never seem to mind the rain.
Poor Scarlet and Donnie look like drowned rats!
"What rain?"

Have a sunny weekend!
We'll be back on Monday with more
Tails from the Farm.


countrynmore said...

We are expecting rain this weekend. It is frustrating for my hubs because the weekend is when he wants to work outside.

Anonymous said...

We have had an unpresidented week of lovely sunny weather (we got yours!) and rain is on the way tomorrow with much colder temps.

Love Stella's stripe but you tell her to stay inside! That little bugger! Karen

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Just found your blog and I loved
"tails from the farm"!

Flora Doora

Anonymous said...

But it was a good rain..much needed...Don't forget to send your clocks back this weekend

Saloma Furlong said...

Just discovered "Tails from the Farm." You could almost make me want to be on a farm again, but I'm actually happy to visit a virtual farm instead.

I grew up on a farmette in an Amish family, and now I am quite happy living in a village with only a half acre of land. I could never make friends with manure.

I'll be back... fainting Fred is a riot!


Katmom said...

Not to worry, we will be getting your rain come tomorrow! lol!
Stay dry.....


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