Monday, November 15, 2010

Please Say I'm Not!

Well, it has finally happened.
It was bound to.
There was no escaping it, I suppose.

I have become
Crazy Dog Lady!

You know the type....
the ones who wear bright red lipstick, leopard prints, and
push their cute little dogs around
dog stroller!

OK, maybe I'm not that lady.
Not yet.
No red lipstick, no leopard prints....
and a very good reason for a dog in the stroller.

This past weekend was unseasonably warm in the afternoons,
clear skies...beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
Sunrise over the Littles.

Rod Stewart and his gals in the rising sun.
Sunday afternoon, Hubbs and I decided to take the dogs
for a walk in our "Hundred Acre Wood."
It is about a half mile walk
from our house to the path into the woods...
too far for a 15 year old dog with a heart murmur.
Yet, we hated to go without her.
So, we borrowed Tyler's stroller,
and loaded Hickory up.

We headed to the woods...
me, Hubbs, and our five friends.

Maddie forged ahead, while Sam and Oakley scoured the woods
for chase-able critters.

I followed with Hubbs, pushing Hickory.

Sadie brought up the rear.
He motto is always "No man left behind!"

Once we were further into the woods,
we let Hickory walk for a while.

She had a tail wagging good time following her nose.
What better place to explore than the woods...
filled with the scent of squirrels, foxes, rabbits, deer,
turkeys, and who knows what other critters!

So, hopefully you will agree with me.
I'm not that crazy dog lady.
At least...
not yet.


  1. What a good doggie momma. I bought a jogging stroller at a garage sale for my maltese. I would push him in the stroller while I inline skated the local fitness trail. A guy snarled at me one time "Hey Lady, you know that's not a kid right". SShhh...he doesn't know :) We have to love our little fur-babies every day we have them.

    Take good care,


  2. No crazy dog lady, just a sweet and caring dog mom.

  3. I think you're still on the sane side. However, I was certain that you were going to say that you had rescued another one...which would be FINE, nothing wrong with that, PERFECTLY normal...

  4. Well it looks like Hickory appreciated the ride to the woods!

    At least your not a crazy cat lady like me. lol!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Ok, thanks, Y'all....I THINK I feel better!! HAHA!

  6. Cute. You are a good doggie owner. When I began to read your post, I thought that you took in another dog that needed a good home. You are too thoughtful not to leave no doggie behind.

  7. Bev,
    You're definitely NOT, but if you were, I can think of worse names to be called :-)

    Seriously, that was a brilliant idea to take your little senior canine citizen in the baby stroller. I'm having the same issue with my dog Snoopy who's 13 and just can't hang with us like he used to. A baby stroller totally solves that problem.

  8. Not crazy at all! What a great idea,...I'll have to find an old stroller for our senior citizen cocker Ben!

  9. Blogger keeps sucking my comments...forgive me if you get this twice! I was saying that YES, YES you ARE that crazy dog lady! HA! Did I read that you had five dogs? One in a stroller? me - takes a crazy lady to know one. I just bought a decal for the car that says 'Crazy bird lady on board'. I'm starting a club - want to join?

  10. I will totally agree that you aren't a crazy dog lady if you agree that I'm not a crazy dog dresser. I had to make our dog a wool sweater for when we go backpacking this winter. I always thought sewing fashionable clothes for your pets was a bit out there when you were trying to make them human clothes.

    We didn't want to spend 60 dollars on something we didn't know if she would wear, so I turned one of our son's too small sweaters into hers.

    I personally think we are both completely reasonable, if not spoiling our furry children a bit :)

  11. I sure could have used that stoller for ME this weekend...3Ms

  12. I have always said I'd never push a dog in a stroller......hmmm I have to rethink my "never".
    Now what I think is weird is that there are people out there that go for walks...WITHOUT A DOG. What a waste.

  13. Being head over heels in love with dogs, I will say that you just love old Hickory like crazy.
    Your neighbors, however, might think differently if they came upon you on the road. :)

  14. ok, you soooo owe Meri.... we were in TJ Maxx yesterday & I spotted a pair of leopard print stretchie leggings and announced I was going to buy, wrap & send them to you for Christmas....Meri admonished me, and sternly told me NO! geeech! yadda thought I was one of her little kiddos...I'll just have to go back when she is not with me! lololol!


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