Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pasture Eyes

Each afternoon the Littles and the Bigs spend some time grazing 
in our pastures.

During the summer months, they spend that time in the 
lower pasture in front of the barn.

This pasture is adjacent to the dry lots and easily accessible
through a large gate.
The grass in this pasture is sparse and not the best quality,
which makes it perfect grazing for my five "easy keepers"
who are prone to obesity.

The upper pastures are rich and lush in the summertime....
way too high in calories for five fat equines.

It is only during the winter months, that I lead the horses up to these
 upper pastures for daily grazing.

Getting them there is no problem...
they are all eager to go.
Getting them back to the dry lot, however, is another matter.

Moonbeam and Donnie are first to come in.
They are usually willing,
especially for treats,
and wait back at the barn for their buddies.

Every time I tried to catch Scarlet, she would saunter away. 

So, I let her continue grazing while I rounded up Red 

and Ollie.

Meanwhile, Sam and Oakley played chase with each other...

As I walked with the Littles,
in front of me was this....

then this....

Behind me was this....

Once the "Littles" were safe in their dry lot,
it was time to head out and round up dear Scarlett.

Now that she was alone, she was quite easy to catch.
Afterall, it is no fun being left behind!
And of course, treats help....

Halter on.... 

and off we go,

back to the barn.

A quick pit stop to visit with Oakley and Bobby...

and everyone is safely back in their dry lots.

Whew....that little jockeying job just took me a good half hour.
And now I'm out of Quaker Oatmeal Squares.
I guess a trip to the grocery will be on today's list.


  1. Whew..good job..lots of traffic out there..everybody looks happy and healthy...good life

  2. The time I've spent with horses tells me you must be a horse whisperer to get any of them off grass onto the dry lot. Either that, or the Oatmeal Squares are horse whisperers. :)

  3. Bev, what a job! They are the cutest ponies. The "littles" are precious. Looks like a great farm day:)
    I've been reading up on your old bee keeping posts and learning. We bought a new book--Bee Keeping for Dummies. We shall see :)

  4. ah, your babies are so sweet! i love the golden images of your dog and cat standing side by side. so sweet. your dog looks like my coty a little bit (farmtails blog, i write for heritage)...i love that you grow blueberries. would love to do that but my deer nibbled my plants... jill


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