Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pampered Pooches

Ok, I'll admit it.
I might just go a little overboard
with our critters.

I try hard to make sure that everyone is comfortable
when the cold winter winds blow.

This past weekend, temperatures dipped into the 20's.
Going out to do chores in the morning was a bit nippy.
I thought perhaps my helpers needed to bundle up a bit.

Hickory loves to dress up.

Even Sam thought he looked pretty spiffy.

Oakley, on the other hand was not too happy.
You can even see the scowl on his face!

The boys tussled a bit and I overheard them say,
"Hey, you're a sissy, Mom made you wear a coat."
"I'm  not a sissy, you're a sissy!"

Maddie and Sadie have naturally long, thick coats.
The colder it is, the happier they are!

Needless to say, once they were off and running,
the coats came off...and the boys were much happier.

Later that afternoon, we took a walk with Tyler.
No coats were needed by this time...
except Tyler, who was bundled up.
Sam and Oakley breathed a sigh of relief!

Our little Penn State fan...could his cheeks be any chubbier?

Hickory loves to ride in the bottom of the stroller.
After all, she already worked with us in the morning.
Old gals need a rest sometimes!

I know, our pooches are pampered,
maybe even a bit spoiled.
But for all we give to them,
they give so much more back to us...
unconditional love
lots of licks!


  1. The dogs look spiffy with their winter coats. Tyler looks adorable as usual.

  2. Loved the post .. our Stella , she is a Yellow lab feels much the same as Oakley ... our Yorkie - Dolce he is not bad once its on but always acts shy when getting dressed .. I think it has something to do with the first time a jacket/sweater/shirt (I can't recall which one it was) hubby laughed .. and I don't think he has forgotten.... xo HHL

  3. Can't beat it, unconditional love and lots of licks....always my favorite.

  4. Love the new winter jackets but so love seeing all the doggies, especially Sadie. I still dream of owning a Berner myself. Hickory in the stroller is too cute! Well my coffee needs a refill so I'm off! Have a lovely day spoiling!!

  5. Nothing wrong with bundling up the pooches. Especially the older ones and the short haired ones.

    Baby cheeks are second only to baby toes in my book of 'things to nibble on my babies" :0)

  6. Luv the doggie duds,,,but with your given creative talents, I am surprized they are not wearing Bonnets & Booties.(and an apron for Hickory)..lol!
    Trust me, if I could get my kitties to not shredd me, I'd try dressing them up..lol!
    We got our first real frost this morning...I tried to take pictures, but I am not camera suvavy...I need to come to your place & have you give me lessons! lol!
    hugz & miss ya

  7. I thank God that you blog about your life!!! You are living my dream and because you are so detailed with your pictures and descriptions, I get to live my dream a little bit through your reality...in my dreams!!

    Ok, does that make sense???


    Seriously, thanks muchly = )


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