Thursday, November 18, 2010


It is the start of just another ordinary day.

And I am treated to a moment of such extraordinary splendor,
that it takes my breath away.
Sunrise over Bee Haven Acres
The veil of night is lifted,
and hours of wind and rain are replaced
by a fiery sunrise.

This was the scene that greeted me yesterday as I did morning
barn chores.

Each day the work is the same. 

 If I left it at that, life would seem quite monotonous. 

But life for me is quite the opposite.
My day is punctuated by moments of magnificence.
Rainbow over Becky's barn

You see, I have the privilege of living and working
in the most beautiful place in this world.

You might argue that your corner of the world is more beautiful,
and maybe it is.....
but to me, there is no place like home.

And speaking of home,
look who greeted me when I went back to the house after chores....

Ok, how about a closer look.....

It's my six crazy Ameraucana roosters.
Incredibly, these six guys, dubbed the "Frat Pack" get along quite well.
They spend their days hanging out around the house...
mostly under the bird feeders.
I often find them inside our garage just nosing around.

They have added a bit of spice to the grounds surrounding the house
with their comical cock-a-dunkle-durb!
Each of them has a different song,
none of which sound anything like your standard rooster.
(I think they speak a different language!)

Oh, and speaking of talking a different language,
(we now switch to baby talk)
I haven't shared any Tyler pictures in a while.
(Tyler is our first grandchild.)

Here he is after consuming sweet potatoes...
"Hey, wait a minute, guys....I'm not ready for a picture!"
(orange residue on cheeks and in nostrils)

Ok, I know you are now laughing and saying,
"Oh my, he has the roundest, baldest head and the chubbiest
cheeks of any baby I have ever seen!"

Yes he does.

Thank you.

I pray the rest of him catches up to his head by the
time he goes to school!
(Yes, I am chuckling, too.)
I spend a lot of time smooching those cheeks.
We adore this little sweetie pie!


  1. Tyler is the cutest little guy! As they say down here "I could just eat him up".
    Your sunrise and rainbow pictures are beautiful. I just love it when I'm able to witness something like that.

  2. Every morning, I thing to myself, "so many people miss this amazing sunrise". Guess you aren't one of them.
    Beautiful pictures!

  3. What an adorable little smile! He sure looks well cared for and very happy! Lovely early morning shots...we are taking a lot of similar I have my grandson today so you will see some of him too.

  4. I remember those fall sunrises hitting me in the eyes when I was driving to work..I think they are the prettiest this time if year..I,too, saw that rainbow yesterday AM..a grouping of very gray clouds surrounded by sunshine with a rainbow through the center..very unusual..always chsnging...and always beautiful

  5. He looks like a sweet little ole man. My babies didn't have hair till they were a year old. Come to think of it Ted doesn't either. I must have a thing for bald men and babies. LOL. Love the rainbow pics.
    Red Sky in morning, sailors take warning. Red sky at night sailors delight. Guess it comes from living close to the ocean and fishermen.

  6. Tyler is beautiful. I would love those cheeks. The moments of magnificence are what life is all about. You captured some great ones here.

  7. oh, your pics are soo lovely! the top 2 remind me of what i see in the morning, when i'm sitting at my desk at the window for my prayer time and Bible study, i always feel closer to the Lord when i can see the sky and the ever changing beauty.

    the rainbow picture takes my breath away!

    Tyler's adorable chubby little cheeks remind me of my little great-niece Eden's chubby cheeks, they are both adorable!

  8. I love Tyler's expressions and hearing about the news on the farm. I think that your side of the U.S. is more beautiful than ours.

  9. I don't know, have the Rockies and so many beautiful places on the West Coast!!

  10. I loved my visit. I love to visit my farm life blogs. I feel like I missed out on something but now I can live it thru others.mmmm, maybe in another life. Tyler is a real cutypie. "Gee, let me eat my sweetpotatoes, Gran". Enjoy all those wonders and have a blessed Thanksgiving. Lady Jane


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