Friday, October 15, 2010

Walking the Dog(s)

There is nothing better on a sunny autumn afternoon
than taking the dogs for a walk....
and nothing they like better.

The call went out...
"Who wants to go for a walk?"
20 paws hit the ground running...
heading out the door to the driveway.

Hickory even brought her favorite toy elephant.
(Apparently she never before played with toys. 
Now at 15 she is acting more like a puppy.
I think she likes her new life.)

Maddie watched,

as Oakley and Sam rough-housed in the yard.

The excitement got the best of her,

and she leaped into the middle of the action.

Silly pups!

We loaded up baby Tyler and headed down the driveway.
Amanda and Jenn,
and me (with camera in hand).

The afternoon was cool, crisp and clear.
There are so few of these left this year.
Very soon it will turn much colder,
bringing winter winds and snows.

Sadie and Hickory brought up the rear.
Sadie's motto has always been "no man left behind".
She always falls into the end of the line
 in order to make sure we all stick together.
The most important thing in her life is her family.
She is a true and loyal friend.

A good walk always makes everyone sleep better.

I think Sam is a happy boy.

He just adores his new pal Oakley.


  1. Hickory and her baby made me smile early this morning :) and Sadie bringing up the dear...but Oakley relishing a Buddy Moment in his new home, well, I really do have a lump in my throat...thanks for being a good person :) we need all we can get!

  2. That picture of Sam napping on Oakley is just the sweetest. He must be a very happy dog.

  3. What a HAPPY home for the doggies! You are so good to them.

  4. Ahhhh there's my Sadie. Great pictures of all the pups but my heart is still with Sadie. It looks like a lovely day was had by all!

  5. Such precious moments in a spectacular setting! Lucky you....well, actually, lucky dogs!!! lol

  6. What a wondeful way to spend some time enjoying an autumn day!!! HHL

  7. The love of a good dog, or several good dogs is priceless. :)

  8. I like the last 2 photos the best (Sam resting his had on the back of Oakley).

  9. You need to ad Mollie to the mix..she'd love it :)

  10. walkie, walkie, I wanna go for a walkie! lol!
    Oh wait, I'm a cat, never mind! lol!

  11. Bev, how sweet our your doggies. I just know they love their walks with you and that adorable grandson of yours. He is just too precious!


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