Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh My Aching Head!

Even the name sounds masculine.
It's a crazy hormone....
that makes males do crazy things.

If you have been reading my blog, you already know
that it is "dating" season amongst the fainting goats.

Breeding pairs are housed together for a few days.
After adequate "courting", we return the bucks and does
to their respective yards.

Each time a buck returns to his yard,
there is a day of "war"...
to once again establish the caprine hierarchy.

You'd think they would remember who is boss,
and just keep the status quo.

But no,
they have to go head to head 
and knock each other silly (and bloody)
until dominance is established.

The other day, these guys spent 8 solid hours
beating each other over the head
until battered and bloody.
I can only imagine the headaches they must have all had.

(Make sure your sound is up for the full "impact"!)
This film was brought to you by our sponsor....

The funny thing is,
once all the fighting is finished,
they go back to being buddies again.
You'd think they would skip the violence and 
avoid the bloodshed.

After all, the end result is still the same.


  1. My goodness, I have a headache just watching these guys...

  2. Wow! I knew they hit hard, but I had no idea that they would keep it up for so long or that they got so bloodied up! Are the injuries bad? Do you ever have to intervene?

  3. They are, after all, boys. I think they like roughing it up a bit. :)

  4. It never made sense to me that they ram their heads. If we hit someone else in the head that hard or for that length of time, we would probably have a concussion or a very serious head injury. We definitely couldn't recoup as fast as these boys.

  5. Taylorgirl...

    They only ever leave flesh wounds. We have tried to intervene...but they only go right back at it, until they have it all worked out. Silly Boys!

  6. typical 'little boys'..... lol!

  7. If you could only know my oldest son, this all makes sense. Our family doctor always said, "testosterone destroys brain cells". Boy was she right.


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